just spent time with her. Just like that, the two of them Like enemies, they chased each other for two years until the girl was diagnosed with cancer.

“No! With technology now so advanced, cancer can definitely be cured. Just relax, I will definitely cure you!”
Zhang Heng walked in the ward and roared loudly. He had always been free and easy, but at this moment he was more crazy than ever before. His expression seemed to tear people apart. In the past two years of pursuit, although he had never pursued a girl, he was still interested in it. However, he became more and more familiar with this girl, and the initial vague love in his heart became more and more profound. At this moment, when he heard that the girl had cancer, he felt pain in his heart, as if his whole soul was trembling. It was really… It was the extreme pain that triggered this state of madness.
The girl’s face was also pale at the moment, but she didn’t know whether it was because of the illness or because she was scared, but her movements were still clean and clear, without any hint of sloppiness. She actually gently hugged Zhang Heng’s back from behind. Waist, and then murmured: “Stop, don’t do this, this is not like you normally”
“Although I don’t show false love to you on weekdays, your efforts, your persistence, and your tenderness are all engraved in my heart. I have already fallen in love with you, but do you know why I want to run away from you? ?Because we can never be together, never.”
/“I am a child from the mountains, just like the children from impoverished mountainous areas that we see in newspapers and textbooks. I am one of them, and the place where I came from is even poorer than there. The villagers pooled their money together. I raised enough tuition for me, and it was the villagers who sent me out of the valley with a smile. It was the villagers who could not read a word of Chinese characters who were waiting for me. How could I miss the prosperity of this city? I want to go back. , I must go back and bring this knowledge back to the villagers and the children. I want to go back to the mountain village to be a teacher. I want to teach them. I want more children to be able to walk out of the mountainous area like me. , so, no matter how much I like you in my heart, how can I stay with you? I can’t.”
The girl cried softly. Although she was crying with her back to Zhang Heng, Zhang Heng could imagine the girl’s desperate expression. She had never cried before. No matter how difficult it was for her in the past two years, no matter how hard she endured, no matter how hard she endured, No matter how hard Zhang Heng pestered her, she never cried. She was as strong as the little wild flowers on the mountain that bloomed in that season when the cold wind still existed.
But now she is crying, crying so desperately
“I have always persisted. Whether it is the prosperity of this city or the pursuit of you, I have never given up. I have always been willing to work hard. I have always wanted to go back to the mountain village, but this