the music festival.”

this moment.
Lao Zhou couldn’t help but recall the day he just brought Xianyu to the composition department.
At that time, the young man was still ignorant. He took a few introductory books on composition and brought surprises to the composition department again and again with the calmest attitude!
/But even then, Lao Zhou never expected that the kid who used a calculator to calculate commissions for customized music in the conference room would show his ability to match Qu’s father in just a few years!
Lin Yuan’s way of speaking was as concise and concise as that time.
But Lao Zhou knew that although Lin Yuan’s answer was brief, he might have quietly revealed his attitude of looking at Dad Qu’s crown from afar.
“in addition”
Lao Zhou watched Lin Yuan sign the new contract and told him: “The preparation of “Life of Pi” is a bit time-consuming and laborious. Maybe you won’t be able to film it for the time being.”
“Can’t you shoot this year?”
“At least we won’t be able to shoot in the first half of the year.”
Lin Yuan nodded, it seemed that he still had to make a transition to a movie.
When Lao Zhou was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and couldn’t help but ask a question: “You don’t seem to like Chu people?”
Lin Yuan was surprised: “Why do you say that?”
Lao Zhou laughed and said: “Because you have bullied the Chu people so badly. Not only did you crush the songwriting, but you also crushed the lyrics of Neon Wu, the top lyricist in Chu. ”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
Putting it this way, it seems like Shadow has done this too?
Lao Zhou might not believe it if you tell me.
They were the ones who made the first move.
It was really the other party who made the first move!
Back then, Churen cartoonists kept making jokes about the shadow being a little transparent, which caused a lot of commotion on the Internet.
Although Lin Yuan did not deliberately fight back with the shadow vest, the release of “Death Note” indeed won a great victory for the Qin people in the regional war.
/As luck would have it, Lin Yuan happened to have master-level painting skills at that time.
Later everyone knew it.
The scene was extremely cruel.
And what Lao Zhou said hit the Chu people’s pain points.
The Chu music circle really felt that Xianyu was deliberately trying to make things difficult for them.
At the beginning of the year, it was not enough for this person to use piano music to reduce the dimensionality of Chu people’s music from a high latitude. At the end of the year, he used the battle of the gods to use a work of eternal noun level to attack the Chu people who are best at writing lyrics. Neon Wu, one of the lyricists, directly completed the double kill!
“This can’t be justified without some hatred.”
“I suspect that our Chudi media offended Xianyu. At that time, many media used Xianyu’s manipulation to improve the image of our Chudi musicians, so Xianyu held a grudge and slapped her twice even if one slap in the face was not enough. This time, it’s also strange that