,000 people.

Unfortunately, none of them knew that this seabed was about to become the territory of the God of Death.
There is a magic circle buried there.
This magic circle is definitely a taboo among taboos. Its name is “Underworld Projection”. Its function is to project a part of the underworld into this world. Once the magic circle is activated, it will immediately turn into death within a few hundred kilometers. , and this change will be permanent.
In the history of another world, there is such a dead place.
That is a place that no living thing can approach.
What the Immortal King is going to do now is far crazier than the one who created another dead land.
Not only does he want to project a part of the underworld into this world, but he also wants to release the terrifying evil spirits lingering in the underworld.
These evil spirits all have the power to be infinitely close to angels and demons.
The seabed was supposed to be a silent world, but today it was not peaceful at all. There were painful wails and miserable screams everywhere, even if you covered your ears tightly, it was of no use.
/These wailings and screams can go straight into the heart. If someone hears these wailings and screams, his body will definitely become stiff in an instant, and the blood will slowly stop flowing. In a few seconds, this person will become a human being. A stiff corpse.
This was originally a world full of life, but now all living things are dead. Apart from floating corpses, there are only countless evil spirits. These evil spirits wander around this world of death with constant blood-curdling wails and screams.
In the center of this world of death, there is only one place where no trace of evil spirits can be seen.
It was a seabed one acre in size, and a strong aura of death shrouded it, as if a ball of ink was constantly rolling. If other places are projections of the Nether World, then this place can be said to be no different from the real Nether World.
Within that mass of ink-like aura of death, there was also a fierce spirit entrenched.
Evil spirits evolve from ghosts. Ghosts can only absorb the life breath of people or animals. They are the lowest existence among the undead. Ghosts that have absorbed many life breaths can evolve into evil spirits.
They look like a pale white humanoid shape.
The breath of life is also the favorite of evil spirits. Absorbing the breath of life can make them grow and become stronger. However, for evil spirits, there is another way to gain power, which is to devour the same kind.
The more of its kind it devours, the stronger the evil spirit becomes, and its body will become larger, but its color will become dimmer.
The color of the evil spirit entrenched in the dead area in the center has turned deep black. From a distance, it looks like a condensed black smoke. It has another name – Shadow.
This thing should not appear in this space. It is a terrifying existence like angels and demons. It is also restricted by the rules of higher space and cannot enter this lower spac