ers, surrounded by secret doors that only he could open.

Like all secret bases, there is a guard here. It is a snake, an iron cobra. This thing is one of the many rubbish that the immortal king has long forgotten. It is the work of a certain alchemist in an unknown era. Hel took it Picked it up and brought it back.
To the arrival of its master, this cold reptile made of countless steel rings showed no reaction at all and remained entrenched, motionless.
Hull pushed open a secret door. Behind the secret door was another passage, five or six kilometers long. At the end was another secret door. From here, there was a villa on the outskirts of Nasser.
The exit of the secret door was behind the bookshelf in the study. With a slight rattle, the bookshelf slid away.
There was someone in the study, and the man stood up quickly when he heard the noise, because he knew who was coming.
“Boss, everyone you want is here.” The technician said while turning the switch to reset the bookshelf.
“Have everything been settled? Are they willing to serve me?” Hel asked, nodding appreciatively. Now he is becoming more and more leader-like.
“Everything is settled. According to your instructions, I have told them everything they can know.” The technician replied.
/Hull’s mood suddenly became relaxed. This was undoubtedly the best result. He originally expected that some of the three people might be unwilling to cooperate. In that case, he would have to kill someone.
He doesn’t care about killing people, but killing people now is the worst choice, because it will definitely make those who are willing to serve him feel worried and scared, which will affect their loyalty.
He took out two checks from his pocket and handed them to the technician. He said: “This is for you. One is regarded as compensation for you, and the other is your reward for helping me. I will never Forget anyone who ever helped me.”
“I don’t need so many, and I don’t have any family members to arrange.” The technician shook his head repeatedly.
“Take it.”
/Hull stuffed the check into the pocket of the technician’s jacket: “I’m not buying you with money. The last action made each of you a rich man, so you shouldn’t care about the money, but my principle is , you should get paid for everything you do.”
“We haven’t done anything yet.” The technician refused again.
“Haven’t you already made your choice? Sometimes making a choice is harder than doing anything else,” Hull said.
“Now go and call the gear here.” Hull didn’t want to give in to him anymore, so he simply told the technician to do the work.
The technician agreed, took the hat handed over by Hull, and withdrew.
Seeing the technician exit, Hull walked to the bookshelf, took out a book and read it. Now he didn’t want to waste a single minute of his time.
A quarter of an hour later, Gear came to the study room. Compared with the technician, Gear seemed a little reserved. After all, unlike the technician and the dead coach, he could not be regarded as Hull’s confidant.
“Did you get the check?” He Yu gent