ompete with them, our biggest advantage is that we have been rooted in the southeastern province for a longer time and can easily gain the support of local nobles.

Secondly, our Koslow family is too weak to pose a danger to the Dalton family and may gain the support of Earl Pierce. ”
Baron Redman analyzed calmly.
Obviously, he still knows a lot about the politics of the kingdom. Don’t take it for granted that all those participating in the competition are local nobles.
Compared with his colleagues, Hudson was indeed strong in battle, but he was still far from the nobles of the north who were stationed in the northern border all year round and had bloody fights with the orcs every now and then.
/The kingdom must reward these heroes. Almost every year, fiefdom nobles are born in the North, but most of these people are upright and upright, and they have declined the fiefdoms given by the kingdom.
There is nothing surprising. Compared with other regions of the kingdom where the situation is stable, the political shuffle in the Northland is the fastest. After rounds of wars, the weak and small and medium-sized nobles were eliminated.
Almost all the best land in northern Xinjiang fell into the hands of a few big nobles. The remaining land is either too barren or threatened by orcs.
The fief is comparable to an uninhabited village. There is no profit at all, but it has to bear the obligations of the fief lord, and even Hudson will not take it.
A group of small and medium-sized nobles, including the Koslow family, could not withstand the long-term destruction of the orcs and were forced to change their development direction.
After two hundred years of reshuffling, Northern Xinjiang has completely become the territory of a few big nobles, and the situation began to change from this moment on.
The orcs had no small or medium-sized nobles to rob, so naturally they could only rob the big nobles. Although these guys are not easy to mess with, no one can care so much when they are hungry.
Every time there is a lean season, orcs will surely harass the Northland, and a group of great nobles will also suffer a lot.
If you win, you will lose money; if you lose, you will lose blood. The orcs were like psoriasis, clinging to their bodies, constantly sucking their blood, and unable to throw them away.
At this time, the big nobles were thinking about the good things of the small and medium nobles. It’s a pity that everyone has been deceived. Even if many preferential policies are promised, few nobles have taken root.
Of course, in Hudson’s opinion, the main reason why few people go there is that the risks and benefits are not proportional.
Not to mention the small and medium-sized nobles, once they catch up with the large-scale invasion of orcs, the big nobles will also be disappointed.
/In the last continental war, the Alpha Kingdom suffered heavy losses. Even the royal family’s direct territory in northern Xinjiang lost three provinces, which directly led to the decline of the royal family’s power.
There were also many n