nally a matter of covering the lid was suddenly exposed to the sun, and the impact caused can be imagined.

However, the governments of various countries were still behind the scenes and spreading the evidence to the entire continent. Almost overnight, everyone knew about the crimes of the Holy See.
The mentality of countless fanatical believers has collapsed. It is really difficult to accept that the Holy See in their minds is such a thing.
Pius VII was very embarrassed. Just as he clamored to excommunicate Charles III, the Frankish Church turned around and gave the title of saint to Charles III.
And this behavior has been recognized by church representatives from many countries. The reason is: Charles III exposed the dark inside story of the Holy See and laid the foundation for purging the Holy See.
All of a sudden, he became a villain, and the countries that originally supported the Holy See actually pretended to be deaf and dumb, as if they were waiting to see a joke.
Everyone knows that all parties want to weaken the influence of the Holy See in the country. Since the Frankish Kingdom takes the lead, let them do it.
What makes the believers most speechless is that such a big thing happened, but the great Lord of the Morning did not show up.
Sending “divine punishment” to eliminate heretics in the Holy See has become a beautiful dream in the minds of countless believers.
The Holy See is equally disappointed. The storm has affected their faith, and the gods have not yet come out to stand, which makes them very passive.
The gods did not express anything, and in the eyes of many people, that was acquiescence. There are even some arcanists openly shouting: The gods are dead!
The two camps were busy fighting among themselves, and no one paid any attention to their blatantly blasphemous remarks, which made Hudson very upset.
/There was no way that the blasphemous remarks were coming from the Arcane Academy where he was the honorary principal. No one would believe it if they said it had nothing to do with it!
In the Royal Capital Arcane Academy, a dragon roar came through the air, and everyone knew that Dean Hudson was visiting the academy in person.
Without prior notice, there will naturally be no reception. The angry Hudson ignored any rules and directly entered the principal’s office with his two bodyguards, dragon and bear.
It’s a pity that the old and cunning Robert has long since disappeared. After missing out, Hudson went to look for bad luck among other high-ranking officials in the college.
Then there was nothing more. Every big shot in the college was nowhere to be seen. All that remained were ordinary lecturers.
Knowing that these guys were deliberately avoiding him, and having no intention of getting angry with the little people, Hudson went straight to the palace with full of anger.
You can hide for a while, but you can’t hide for a lifetime. With such big news, Hudson couldn’t believe that there was no trace of the royal family.
No matter how independent the Arcane Academy is, the students