ey. The quality of refined salt worth two silver coins per pound is much better. Not only are the impurities gone, but the color has also turned white.

If the price continues, one gold coin per pound of magic salt will be in better condition. It is said that it contains a magic active factor, which can slightly increase one’s affinity with magic elements after consumption. It has always been a favorite among mages.
As a pseudo-magician, Hudson can solemnly declare that these are false claims.
In theory, it can indeed increase the activity and affinity of elements, but that is only when consumed in large amounts. If you can eat a few pounds of magic salt every day, you can probably increase your affinity by one-tenth or two, but it is only effective at that time.
The question is, how can salt be consumed in large amounts? Putting aside the issue of injured wallets, my body doesn’t allow it either!
I can only say that IQ tax exists in every world. The only difference is that the IQ tax in the Aslant continent only targets wealthy people.
Frankly speaking, with the wide distribution of Koslow family members, it is not difficult to establish a business network.
/The problem is that Hudson has always kept in mind one truth – do not do business in partnership with family and friends.
One or two transactions are okay, but in long-term business cooperation, interest friction is inevitable.
If it is not handled properly once, not only will the business be damaged, but also relatives and friends will be ruined.
Relatives and friends are not allowed, let alone other nobles. After all, this is a profitable business. If you give it to outsiders but not to your own people, what will your relatives and friends think?
In fact, even if Hudson is willing to give up his bottom line, it will be very troublesome to find cooperation with his own family. Who gives him many relatives and friends?
Everyone is willing to get involved in profitable business. No matter how you choose whether to give it to someone or not, you will inevitably offend someone in the end.
The best way is to directly organize people to do it yourself. There is no doubt that it is definitely challenging to play direct sales in the feudal era.
Safety is second, and the key lies in talent allocation. There are so many sales staff who may deal with noble lords at any time, and not just cats and dogs can do the job.
“I know, continue to organize production as planned. I will take care of other things.”
Hudson replied expressionlessly.
/For such a complicated matter, there is no need to bother with a borrowed butler. Identity determines stance. If you bring back some information that you shouldn’t know, it will not be a good thing for everyone.
Although immersed in the troubles of building a business network, Hudson still did not ignore the big changes in the outside world.
First, the Alpha Kingdom and the Holy See reached a preliminary reconciliation under the mediation of various countries. According to the information he heard, Hudson summed it up in