cted that this was an enemy spy who came specifically to disturb the morale of the army.

Before there was any time to think about the aftermath, a group of emperors and kings came to the door. It could be seen from the gloomy faces of everyone that everyone was in a very bad mood at the moment.
If ordinary orc soldiers suffered heavy losses and they could still accept them, then the losses of the main force challenged everyone’s bottom line.
/Among all the emperors, only the Yingren Emperor looked slightly better.
As the only air force in the empire, it is a precious service. It is mainly responsible for detecting and containing the human race’s air force. It does not need to compete with other races for rest areas.
With a moment of humility, a crisis was avoided, and the Yingren Emperor felt at ease at this moment.
Of course, as an air force, even if they encounter the Burning Company, it will not affect their escape.
In the dark, even if the enemy wanted to stop him, he couldn’t.
“Marshal Daniel, the troops resting in the rear suffered heavy losses. Is there anything you want to say?”
The Bear King asked angrily.
There is no doubt that his patience has reached its limit at this moment. Without even knowing what the enemy’s shadow looked like, three Ursine infantry legions perished in the flames.
The mood of everyone present was similar to that of the Bear King. Such a big thing has happened, and the coach must bear the blame.
After a slight hesitation, Daniel collected his thoughts and said: “Your Majesty, Emperor Xiong, no one wants to see this happen!
If you don’t believe me, read the history books. Who else could have done the burning of the camp for hundreds of miles except Hudson?
You must know that camping by the water is an old tradition. From ancient times to the present, for countless years, no such accident has ever happened!
This has never happened before, who could have imagined it beforehand?
In the final analysis, the enemy is too despicable and cunning! ”
If it were a bloody fight with the enemy, it would be fine if the losses were heavy, but this time it was a one-sided heavy loss!
The number of enemy casualties cannot be calculated, but from the information brought by the defeated soldiers, it can basically be determined that the enemy will not suffer too many casualties.
In this context, blame-shifting has become inevitable. No one can afford such heavy casualties.
At least this reason can stop the Bear King’s mouth, because he was the first to brag about Hudson.
Looking at the Bear King’s face, you can tell that he is in a very complicated mood at this moment. When I advocated Hudson, I just wanted to save my face. I never expected that the awesomeness I once boasted would actually come true now.
With people like them constantly acting as stepping stones, and combined with their past achievements, Hudson will definitely become a god after this battle!
“Marshal Daniel, Hudson is also our old rival. How powerful the enemy is, I think this issue no longer needs to be discusse