ow to kill the insect king while gnawing on a leg of lamb.

Although the image of the people around him is slightly better, it is not much better overall. When I pick up the cup, I often feel stuffy.
Rules, everyone’s habits are rules. As strong men, they no longer need to take into account worldly opinions.
Relatively speaking, those guys who are polite and have a good image are at the bottom of the food chain at the banquet.
/Not only did he not despise the way he eats, but he kept complimenting him from the sidelines. His status is obvious to anyone who meets him.
No wonder ladies are not allowed to participate in this kind of banquet. The scene in front of them is really far from the aristocratic life in their eyes.
But it is this group of imageless guys who stand at the top of the food chain in the Southeast Province. Perhaps many of them are not well-known and rarely appear in the outside world, but they are definitely the core of a family.
No one cared about image, and Hudson followed suit. Although he is a strong man, there is still no scene where he is pretending to be a slap in the face.
Being able to participate in this banquet is itself a symbol of status and strength. The younger generation has long been told countless times by their parents to be content, content, and content.
He is too arrogant, and if he offends someone with a strong quirk, he will die without knowing why.
Eating in a low-key manner and eavesdropping on people’s conversations, everything was fine. With Bear Stearns’ laziness, Hudson became the center of the banquet.
Realizing that the cub was in trouble, he glanced at Hudson sheepishly and started shopping for goods.
He picked up the plate and poured it into his mouth. He was so angry that he wanted to kick this guy out. It was so embarrassing that he, the owner, didn’t let the bear have enough to eat.
Although the normal food is not up to this level, it is still a big meal and the bear is not hungry at all!
As if it was the beginning, the scene of the banquet suddenly took a turn for the worse. All kinds of monsters jumped out and joined the banquet.
Seeing this scene, Hudson, who was originally prepared to die in society, immediately calmed down.
It’s not enough that his own bear is embarrassed alone. Since everyone’s monsters have jumped out, it’s equivalent to how the banquet should proceed.
Looking at the embarrassed expressions of all the guests, Hudson secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out that he is far from the only one who can’t control his own monsters.
Perhaps in order to keep the Warcraft calm at the banquet, these guys had promised a lot of conditions in advance. But the temptation of delicious food was too great, and the bear made another bad start.
It is unrealistic to stop it. Everyone has signed an equal contract with Warcraft, and both parties must give each other enough respect.
Maybe in order to get Warcraft to agree to be a Demon Pet, many people secretly promised additional conditions.
After all, the IQs of Warcraft are not low, and