family behind Baron Cayo has this strength.

So many coincidences happened to happen to happen together, and it was hard not to make Hudson think about it.
It’s just suspicion. It involves the Dalton family. Without sufficient evidence, Hudson will not take a stance easily.
With the return of Hudson, the Mountain Territory quickly became lively.
/The uproarous poisoning incident has long been brewing among the local nobles. Everyone is holding back their anger, and now they only need one person to take the lead in stirring up trouble.
The truth is not important in the face of interests. Who will carefully examine whether it is unfair to punish a competitor?
The losses caused by the locust plague are so great, we have to find a way to make up for it, right?
If a crying child is fed milk and doesn’t make a big deal out of it, how can the big shots above see it?
As the main figure of the local aristocratic faction, Hudson naturally had high hopes.
“Everyone, the timing is wrong. The kingdom is conducting a thorough investigation into the locust plague, and it has been initially determined that the man behind it is a major force in the mainland.
Now we don’t have enough evidence to prove it. It’s just a question of the severity of the disaster. They can completely blame the mastermind behind it.
This matter is far more involved than you think. Even the Governor’s Office does not have much say in this issue.
At this critical juncture, our top priority is to fight against disasters and not to cause disaster. ”
Most of the people present were his own people, and Hudson didn’t want them to be taken advantage of and jump out of his way at this juncture.
If the younger brothers were really involved, he, the boss, wouldn’t be able to escape.
Talking and fighting are two completely different concepts.
“Battle of words”, Hudson has been “deadly fighting” with the Northland aristocrats. It looks like a fight to the death, but in fact it has no impact on both parties.
Private business can continue as usual.
If you really do it, it will be different. The outside world mistakenly believed that the mountain leaders had strong troops, but Hudson knew very well how weak his strength was.
Except for the group of veterans who have seen blood and been trained into real elites, the rest are just fake.
It’s okay to form a formation, but if there was a fight, they would only kill cattle and sheep.
Their combat effectiveness is higher than that of ordinary serf soldiers. How far they are from the real elites can only be known by fighting them.
Without continuing to train for a year and a half, Hudson really didn’t have the confidence to let his soldiers go to the battlefield.
“Baron Hudson, should we just let go of such a good opportunity?”
Baron Ezekiel asked reluctantly.
As the loser in the last round of battle, Baron Ezekiel gained nothing but some fame.
As time goes by, even these false names are slowly fading away.
When real nobles encounter problems, the first thing they think of is Baron Caillaux and Hudson.