the office. One member can read it at will.

the office. One member can read it at will.
The archives in the archives are stored in the order of year. I went straight to the cabinet corresponding to the year, and then flipped through them one by one. As long as they looked similar, I took them out and looked at them to make sure there were no mistakes. Omission.
Sure enough, I quickly found the original archive. And the name is named after the place where the car accident occurred, which is the car accident in such and such a place.
The archive was sealed with the word “confidential” written on it. I tore the seal open and took out the files inside to look at it. Files in the archives cannot be taken out of the archives. This is a rule, so I can only read them inside.
After the file was taken out, there was a detailed case report on it. I read it word for word. The case investigation said that the man who was killed was named Han Wenzheng, a businessman, and the driver was called Tao Chengkai, who was just an ordinary citizen.
But something gradually started to go wrong when we looked at the back. After an on-site investigation, we found that the vehicle that hit the person seemed to have been waiting there for a long time, just waiting for the person to come out and then accelerate and hit it. Because tire marks left by wheel acceleration were found on the road at the scene. If it were an ordinary collision case, black marks would be left on the ground due to braking. Generally, the color is lighter first and then darker, but the scene of this case was It was deep first and then shallow, which meant that it was left after rapid acceleration, so Tao Chengkai deliberately wanted to kill Han Wenzheng.
The analysis of the case also gave such a guess, but because both of them were dead when the incident occurred, asking others could not find out the connection at all, because the relatives and friends on both sides did not know each other at all. I had never known that such a person existed between two people, so the final result was that Han Wenzheng and Tao Chengkai were completely strangers.
/The results given here in the case analysis are very comprehensive, excluding many common reasons for hiring a murderer and so on. Therefore, this case seems to be a car accident, but it also looks like a murder. However, when it is characterized as a murder, it seems It was just an ordinary traffic accident.
This method of committing crimes is so similar. It is basically the same as the cases I have experienced. In fact, another point is that if it is seeking revenge, why should Tao Chengkai have to pay for his name.
But when I continued to look back, I saw something even more shocking. That was Tao Chengkai’s death time. He died an hour earlier than the time of the crime. This result is incredible. How can a dead man do it? He would hit people, but the facts proved that this was the case. The above gave a speculation that there was a third person manipulating the scene, and Tao Chengkai was just a cover.
/Then came the photos. I took a quick look at the