etly took a breath, briefly Didn’t dare to respond to the other party.

She listened for nearly ten minutes pretending that nothing happened, but before waiting for any other response or the relatively cheaper extraordinary weapon, she had to get up and go to the bathroom.
After confirming that no one was around, she closed the toilet door, sat on the toilet, recited the honorable name of Mr. Fool, told him what had just happened in the form of a prayer, and asked him to convey it to “the world”.
Above the boundless gray mist, Klein, who heard the illusory cascading sounds, quickly entered and initially grasped the situation.
9,000 pounds. He recited the number silently, his expression slightly distorted.
After silently calculating the money that could be raised in the short term, he breathed out, manifested the “dummy” world, and manipulated him to respond:
“The negative aspects of this magical object are so serious that I don’t want to become a believer in the sun.”
“You don’t have to worry about this anymore, we’ll use cash instead.”
“Pay 450 pounds and the Master Trickster’s recipe will be yours.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the contact was interrupted. Klein watched the “world” disappear, raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, and said to himself:
“The next step is to see what clues the barbarian lady can collect.”
“Otherwise, you can only buy the brooch from Mr. Eye of Wisdom.”
In the bathroom, Forsi breathed a sigh of relief and said that he would hold the sacrifice ceremony as soon as possible after returning.
It’s a pity that I don’t know the formula yet, otherwise I could take the opportunity to see if there are any extraordinary materials I need. She returned to the hall and scanned the information on the two blackboards intently.
/She did not respond to the previous note, and she did not even think about bargaining, because even if she could get the other party 1,000 pounds cheaper, she would not have the money to buy it and would not be able to make money. And more importantly, she felt that Mr. World seemed Can’t afford it either.
She watched until the end. Due to Mr. A’s changes, she quickly left the house without staying or talking to anyone.
After more than ten minutes, the party ended completely, leaving only Mr. A and his waiters.
Mr. A stood up slowly and walked along the stairs to the basement.
Suddenly, his knees buckled and he fell to the ground, rolling several steps.
He lay there, the shadow beneath him turning red quickly.
/His flesh and blood melted and soaked into it, making the shadow seem to be a brand new, skinless, monster-like person separated from his body.
Mr. Hehea’s breathing gradually calmed down, and his tense body slowly relaxed.
And the separated flesh and blood “flowed” back again.
Everything became normal.
Mr. A crawled forward, knelt down in the basement, and once again made a confession while choking.
I made mistakes before repenting and was not vigilant enough, which ruined the coming of the Lord.
Silver City, Derrick Berg’s home.
He walked