and the strong smell of blood came out and penetrated Klein’s nose.

In his sight, the easy chair in the living room was overturned on the ground, stained with a lot of dark red blood, and a book fell next to it, with the cover facing up.
With just a glance, Klein seemed to have seen the scene of a murder.
The name of the book then caught his eye:
Demonic legends in the Severas region
Just as Demon Klein was about to make a move, a strong wind suddenly blew in the living room, and he quickly pulled the door back.
Klein saw the complete scene inside the living room clearly:
The charcoal in the fireplace has long since burned out and no longer appears red;
Coffee tables, sofas, chairs, cupboards and other items were toppled over and broken into pieces, as if they had witnessed a fierce battle;
There were a lot of blood stains on the carpet and walls, along with a lot of scorch marks, but there was not a single body at the scene, not even the remaining limbs.
Something happened to Detective Stanton. Klein took a step back suddenly, planning to get out of here first.
But almost at the same time, he felt like he was being targeted by someone.
There was someone hiding somewhere who was watching him coldly and ruthlessly.
Once he makes a mistake in his response, he will immediately encounter a fatal attack
This is not a good time to visit Isengard Stanton. There is something wrong with my interpretation of the revelation. Klein did not dare to act rashly.
But he was not too nervous or panicked. He had experienced many battles and “performances” and knew that the most important thing to do at this time was to stay calm.
Da, da, da, Isengard Stanton’s assistant came over carrying a tray.
On the tray are placed a tin teapot and two white glazed porcelain cups.
The assistant was stunned when he saw the scene in the living room.
He looked at Klein, his expression suddenly filled with fear, and he said one word after another:
/“Kill you, Stanton, sir”
Every time he spat out a word, a piece of flesh would fall off his face, dripping with blood.
When he finished speaking, he was suddenly torn apart and turned into shredded corpses, as if he had always been like this, always in this state, but had just been sewn back together.
When the tin pot and the white glazed porcelain cup fell to the ground at the same time, they rolled or splashed, and the black tea quickly soaked the surrounding area.
Klein didn’t move, just watching all this happen, because he felt that he was still being watched.
The guy who caused all this seemed to be waiting for him to make a move, then pounced on him from behind and bit his neck.
After an unknown period of time, in a silent and strange stalemate, Klein saw the door of Eisinger Stanton’s house being opened, and a group of police officers in black and white checkered uniforms rushed in.
/They discovered the disgusting and terrifying corpses on the ground, and immediately pulled out their revolvers and pointed at Klein at the door of the living room.
Facing the black muzzl