half an hour later, the carriage, which was sometimes changing its direction, stopped at Ayres Street near the West End in the Jowood District. It stopped in front of a house with a vast lawn, a wide garden, a small fountain square and a marble statue.

At this time, in the carriage, Klein’s cane had fallen down and was pointed straight there.
Through the window, Klein saw guards patrolling back and forth inside the iron gate and vicious dogs sticking out their tongues.
The security there is quite tight.
What’s more important is that even without using divination, he can still find out that there is a lot of danger inside based on his spiritual intuition.
Where is this place? How could Daisy’s disappearance be involved in such a dangerous place? Klein pondered for a few seconds and ordered the coachman to move on.
The coachman responded with some surprise:
“Sir, you are not here to visit Mr. Cappin.”
Capping Klein thought the name sounded very familiar.
He smiled and asked:
“Why do you think so?”
“People often come out of the East District and take my carriage here. Haha, this is the home of the rich Mr. Capping.” The coachman replied casually.
Klein, the rich Kaping in the East District, suddenly remembered who that Kaping was:
According to many rumors, he is the leader of a bloody criminal group and is related to many disappearances of innocent girls.
In reality, he is a rich man who knows many important people.
Klein didn’t say anything more, leaned back against the compartment wall and half-closed his eyes.
The carriage moved forward slowly, and the luxurious villa swept back and disappeared from the glass window.
In a small booth in a cafe.
Forsi already knew that the old man opposite was called Lawrence Nord, who came from Conston City, Jianhai County, and was a public school teacher.
He didn’t know that Mrs. Anlisa’s husband died, and he didn’t know that Mrs. Anlisa inherited the inheritance and became an extraordinary person. He didn’t even expect that Mrs. Anlisa would leave her belongings to me. Could he also be an extraordinary person and possess divination? Ability? Forsi took a sip of Fermo coffee, organized his words and said:
“I used to be a doctor at the nearby Yousef Clinic, and Mrs. Anlisa came to see me regularly. At that time, her husband Mr. Laubolo had passed away.
“I occasionally talk to her and help her do some things, such as
“So, she finally made a will, leaving her savings and cash to me, and donating jewelry, books, furniture and other things to charitable organizations, which was supervised by the law firm she appointed.”
/What Forsi said was true, but not the whole truth.
Lawrence pinched his forehead and said:
“What a shame, I can’t understand why Anlisa didn’t contact me during those years.”
“She didn’t mention your name, and she is vaguely dissatisfied with Mr. Lao Boluo’s relatives.” Fors replied calmly.
Lawrence was silent for a moment and said:
“Thank you for telling me, it made me understand something.
/“By the way, where are Robolo and Anlisa buried?