nt sentences and pointed to different targets, but the divination ultimately failed.

He tapped the edge of the long mottled table with his fingers, hesitating whether to go to Red Rose Manor tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
If it is true that there is no “008” or similar power to arrange these things, then my sudden absconding will definitely arouse Prince Edsac’s suspicion. No, absconding may not be successful. Prince Edsac’s people live next door. Of course, it has been As a “faceless man”, it’s easy for me to find an opportunity to escape when I’m out, but is it necessary to go to this extent?
/Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, if I pay an honest visit to Prince Edsac and hand over the task normally, I can “leave” Backlund inconspicuously, and His Highness, a prince, should not force me, a wild extraordinary person, to do it. Complete something too difficult
If there is really a sealed object or demigod similar to “008” that is affecting recent events, then judging from my experience, I should be just a supporting character who accidentally entered the stage and has not received enough attention. In this case, absconding would be It is equivalent to telling the other party that I am aware of the existence of “you” and I have a big problem.
In this way, relying on the ability of the “faceless man” may not be able to get rid of the “gaze” that has locked the person.
The best way is to calmly go to Red Rose Manor, exit the stage in the most normal process, call the curtain gracefully, and fade out of the “sight” from nowhere.
Combining the two factors, Klein finally decided to pretend that he had discovered nothing, hand over the task according to the predetermined plan, and “leave” Backlund.
Inside the open-air camp, which is burning with fire and always manned.
Derrick Berg leaned against a stone pillar and fell into a deep sleep to recover his strength.
At this moment, he dreamed of the boundless gray mist, an ancient chair at the highest point in the center, and an indifferent figure sitting on the chair, looking down at everything.
“Mr. Fool” Derrick chanted the name in his mind.
Immediately afterwards, he heard the voice from “The Fool”:
“Get ready to party.”
Yes, Mr. Fool. Derrick responded silently, silently counting his heartbeats.
His eyes never opened, as if everything that had just happened was just an interlude in a dream.
/There was still a long time before departure, enough time to attend the tarot party, he thought happily.
He originally thought that he would miss this gathering after joining the exploration team.
After 1,000 heartbeats, Derrick waited for a while before he felt that he had entered the silent and peaceful temple.
As soon as he opened his eyes, one scene after another flashed through his mind, as if some external force had instantly refilled all the lost memories into his head.
Those scenes include: collapsed city walls; intertwined white and blue buildings; a temple of the “Fallen Creator” similar in style to Silver City; murals detailing the scene of doomsda