es on both sides, and a picture quickly formed:

Sherlock Moriarty stood in a room, watching a rat with a rotten belly crawling through the wall and drilling holes, with old Kohler and the owner of the cheap hotel behind him.
“He met Azik Eggers when he was completing the bounty mission. The mission was issued by MI9 and came from a coincidental conflict.” Ikanser interpreted the content of the picture.
After speaking, he chose to answer reciprocally, and then held his breath, waiting for Arrods to give the soul-piercing question.
No surprise, he saw the bright red words:
“Do you know how it feels to try your best to please someone, only to be left alone by him?”
This, this question is not sharp enough, unlike Arolds’ usual style. Ikanser suddenly felt that the blood words on the mirror lacked the usual sense of horror, were not bloody enough, and seemed weak.
He didn’t care to think about why and immediately answered:
“Congratulations, you got the answer right.” New words appeared on the surface of the silver mirror, and the color turned white.
January 5, 9 a.m.
Klein, who had a gray scarf wrapped around his neck, arrived at Rose Pier carrying his suitcase and cane.
The White Onyx is anchored there. It is extremely large for a human being and is said to be able to carry hundreds of passengers.
/It has strong characteristics belonging to this era. The chimney and sails stand side by side. There are 12 cannons and corresponding gun emplacements on both sides of the ship. This is a must to guard against pirates and fellow travelers.
Under the arrangement of Captain Alan Kagg, the selected able-bodied sailors and crew lined up at the gangway entrance, and some even deliberately revealed legal revolvers, rifles and sabers.
This gave the guests who were boarding the ship a lot more sense of security and no longer feared the next nine-day journey.
Klein stood below, looked up, and walked up the hanging ladder in the undulating blue water.
As the journey began, he sighed silently.
As soon as he stepped onto the deck and before he could enter the cabin, Klein saw a figure walking through the crowd from the corner of his eye and walking towards him.
On the surface he was casual, but on the inside he looked over with vigilance and saw a man in his thirties wearing a half-high black top hat and a long windbreaker of the same color.
The other person has a face polished by weather, rough but very masculine, and his light blue eyes are not smiling, as if they are filled with many past events.
It looks familiar. The guy I met at the ticketing company yesterday seemed to be an adventurer. He was on the sea in January. He was actually wearing a windbreaker and was very strong. Klein lifted his cane with ease and leaned down diagonally. Click, smile and say:
“Good morning, we meet again.”
It was like he was greeting an old friend.
The rugged man didn’t feel surprised. He stopped, nodded slightly restrainedly and said:
“Cleves, former adventurer.
“Dude, you’re a peer.”
“I thought you knew it yesterday