After all, the improvement of memory by the “Sun” path was quite limited, and a lot of time had passed. sky.

“Hermit” Cattleya took the information and read it carefully.
The more she looked, the more frightened she became, because the number of monster types exceeded her imagination, dozens and hundreds of times more.
Most of the names used here are ancient names. If she hadn’t been a member of the “Mos Ascetic Order” who was pursued by knowledge, and had reached Sequence 5. She had seen a lot and knew a lot, there would be no way to know what those names really meant. what.
But even so, there are still many monsters that she has never heard of, just like the “shadows” in dreams and imaginations that hide in the depths of darkness and will never really show up.
How could there be so many monsters in Silver City? After ten seconds, Cattleya raised her head, her expression unchanged, and said in a calm tone:
“You trade the history of Silver City.”
/“Okay.” “Sun” Derrick’s eyes lit up, as if he saw the dawn of promotion.
He quickly realized the outline of the history textbook of Silver City with the help of Mr. Fool. He already had a lot of experience and knew that the more complete and detailed content was much more valuable than the fruit of the Glorious Spirit Pact Tree, so he had reserve.
“The Hermit” Cattleya knew that she was not Mr. Fool and could not ask the members to wait patiently for her to read. Therefore, she flipped through it casually and after confirming the value, she asked thoughtfully:
“How should I give you the fruit of the Glorious Pact Spirit Tree?”
As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly thought of something and had a guess. Then she turned her head and looked at the top of the long bronze table and said:
“Mr. Fool, are you using sacrifice?”
This made “Justice” Audrey, who had prepared an answer on the same side, obviously stunned for a moment, and swallowed back all the words on her lips.
/Ms. “Hermit” was very powerful and knowledgeable. She immediately guessed how to use sacrifices and gifts. Audrey controlled the subtle expressions on her face and sighed in her heart.
“Yeah.” Klein nodded gently without explaining too much.
He believed that a pirate general, a Sequence 5 expert of the “Secret Peeper” path, could not possibly not know how to sacrifice. This was even one of their specialties. Moreover, the other party also mastered the honorable name of “The Fool”. There is no lack of necessary conditions.
Sure enough, when a real god exists and witnesses the gathering, sacrifices and gifts are the most convenient and safest methods of transaction, and communication at the spiritual level can directly solve the exchange of knowledge. “Hermit” Cattleya thanked her and turned And said to the “sun”:
“I’ll get it done as soon as possible.”
She seemed to have nothing unusual on the surface, but she was not calm in her heart. She just casually browsed through the information provided by “The Sun”, and she discovered that Silver City is really full of weirdness.
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