the orthodox vampires, of course they believe in the god who represents the moon. Her name is Lilith. She is the ancestor of our vampires, an ancient god, and human beings have become The mature vampires are more inclined to worship the original moon. Under normal circumstances, the two can be equivalent, but sometimes they do not overlap and are different.”

This is the “vampire” sequence Mr. Azik mentioned, he thought silently.
Emlyn said with a slightly complicated expression:
/“Yes, there are two types. One is transformed by the first embrace given by a powerful vampire, and the other is transformed by taking the corresponding magic potion. The latter is our most hated enemy.”
“Why?” Klein vaguely guessed the answer.
Emlyn gritted his teeth and replied:
“The main ingredient of their potions is our blood essence.”
Sure enough, Klein couldn’t help but turn his head and looked Emlyn up and down.
Emlyn, who looked a little inexplicably nervous when he saw him, snorted:
“You are already an extraordinary person, you can no longer change paths.”
At this time, Emlyn glanced at Bishop Utravsky who was carefully wiping the Holy Emblem of Life, and lowered his voice and said:
“I found two materials you asked for.”
“What is it?” Klein did not try to hide his joy.
Emlyn responded smoothly:
“The other party’s asking price for the abnormal pituitary gland in the Thousand Faced Hunter’s brain and its blood is 2,000 pounds for the former and 300 pounds for 100 ml of the latter, for a total of 2,300 pounds.”
2300 Klein blurted out:
“can you reduce the price”
After getting his bail back, his current cash totals 2,185 pounds.
For the middle class, this is already a considerable amount of savings. Some may only be able to save so much money in their lifetime, but Klein found that this is not enough.
“No, if it weren’t for me, he originally wanted 2,800 pounds. According to the agreement, you have to pay me an additional 150 pounds, for a total of 2,450 pounds.” Emlyn shook his head and said.
After looking at Klein’s expression, he quickly added:
“In this era, dragons are rare. Except for the long-lived vampires, it is difficult to find similar extraordinary materials elsewhere. Even if they are available, they will be more expensive than this.”
There is still 265 pounds left. All the money I have worked hard to save is about to be wiped out, and it is not enough. I hope Mr. “The Hanged Man” will sell the extraordinary characteristics of the “Werewolf” as soon as possible. Next, there are the characteristics of the human skin shadow and Deep Sea Na. Jia’s hair won’t be much cheaper than this. Little “Sun” can’t determine the situation yet. He has to stay on his own for a while. The payment he owes me is best repaid by removing the mental pollution of the out-of-control people in magical items. This Relatively hidden, Klein had many thoughts in an instant, and felt that the light outside the window had dimmed a lot.
He took a deep breath and said:
“But the transaction has to be postponed for a while. I rec