omething was wrong with her state.

“General” her voice trembled, and she looked forward with fear and despair, but she could only find an unfamiliar face.
Klein could have used Cynthia’s remaining flesh, flesh and spirit body to feed the “squirming hunger”, but at this moment he just sighed and said in a calm tone:
“Don’t be exposed to strange objects or religions in the future.”
In his opinion, Cynthia became like this because she was either involved in a cult, or because a dangerous item was connected to an existence that could not be seen directly, so she responded like this.
Cynthia vaguely understood something. With only a head and some flesh and blood left, she suddenly shed tears:
“Yes, it’s the Mother Tree of Desire, it’s the Celestial Body Sect
/“General, general, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die
“Help me, help me”
The Mother Tree of Desire Celestial Sect is not within the scope of my occult knowledge. Klein’s expression did not change. He looked at Cynthia who collapsed and asked for help with pity. He opened his arms again and said in a low voice:
“Death is not the end. You will find salvation with God.”
Another bright and pure beam of light fell, and Cynthia’s beautiful face with tears streaming down her face was completely frozen.
Her eyes suddenly looked desperate, but there was still some hope for heaven after death.
Under the “sun”, her head and remaining body melted and disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, achieving final purification.
Klein seemed to be watching this scene calmly, without any changes in his expression or movements for a long time.
When everything calmed down, he slightly raised the corners of his mouth and smiled bitterly:
“It’s a crazy, chaotic world.”
The experience just now made him dare not “channel” directly, and the many weird aspects of the matter made him give up his plan to bring Cynthia’s spirit body above the gray mist for “questioning”. Faced with that kind of evil, he felt unable to resolve and As the corrosion became more and more serious, he could only choose to let Cynthia be purified in time. After all, this was a world with a true god, and there might indeed be a kingdom of heaven after death.
As for the backlash of “Creeping Hunger”, Klein is not worried for the time being. After getting along with him for so long, this magical item that is sealed to a certain extent has become better and better with him. It will not be used immediately after being used once. Give it food and it will return to its original state. Once it is turned on, it will only eat once in 24 hours, no matter how many times it is used. Of course, there is no need to eat on the day it is not used.
Therefore, Klein still has plenty of time to find food for his “creeping hunger” without harming innocent people.
/If it doesn’t work, you can throw it above the gray fog. Klein looked around and found that the members of the general’s guard and the male and female waiters in the house had all escaped the influence of amplified desire and passed out. This includ