d could only remember what he heard occasionally. sentence.

During the break in the report, Klein would look at the blond secretary Lu Er’an and ask him to take his place and put forward a few points that needed explanation regarding the content of the report.
It’s all in the process.
At the end, Klein flipped forward a few pages in the black notebook, read the secretary’s drafted admiral’s revised report in the tone of a Loen noble, and added some more based on the actual situation and Amyrius’s wording habits. “Connectives” and “verbal words”, such as, “There are a few more points below”, “I will talk about a few more points”.
It was already evening when the meeting ended. Accompanied by Secretary Lurian, Klein left the Orave base and went to a naval agent’s residence to attend a dinner.
During the dinner, they chatted about the price fluctuations of supplies at the port. Klein imitated Admiral Amyrius and told an outdated Backlund joke from time to time, which attracted enthusiastic responses from everyone. They all praised the Admiral for his humor.
After successfully performing until the end of the banquet, Klein boarded the carriage and felt physically and mentally exhausted.
“You have to pay attention to your speech and behavior every minute. Acting in real life every day is more tiring than fighting a pirate general.” Klein exhaled silently, half-closing his eyes calmly.
He knows that the most difficult stage today is not over yet
Next we have to deal with Cynthia
/In the villa, Cynthia learned from the waiter who was out to inquire that Admiral Amyrius was about to return.
She quietly returned to the bedroom, took off the small black rhinoceros horn-like pendant, scraped some powder with a metal sheet, and blended it into the hot water in the white glazed porcelain tea cup.
After silently reciting the name of the “Tree of Desire” seven times and waiting for dozens of seconds, she picked up the tea cup with hope and drank it.
Looking at the villa glowing with lights in the darkness, Klein prepared mentally for several seconds before stepping out of the carriage, walking up the three steps to the gate, and entered surrounded by general guards and waiters and servants on both sides. house. \
Seeing that Cynthia was dressed conservatively because someone else was around, Klein silently breathed a sigh of relief, kept his serious expression unchanged, and slowly approached her.
Cynthia’s smile became more obvious, and she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears, revealing her slender white neck, with no trace of a necklace on it.
Seeing Secretary Lu Er’an and the members of the general’s guard either heading to the room where he lived or leaving the security room, Klein said in a deep voice before Cynthia could give her a hug:
“No need to prepare hot water. Give me a quiet room. I need to stay alone for one night.”
“” Cynthia expressed her confusion and confusion with her eyes.
Klein looked around and said in a low voice:
“Something happened and I had to get into a very calm state to recov