eaven and earth “Five arrows and thirteen geese, the arrows pierced the head.” Is this something a normal person can shoot?

Even if Hudson cheats, Dayan must be willing to cooperate. If it weren’t for the fact that the geese were changing their formation and were caught up by the arrows, such a miracle would not have happened.
Unexpectedly, Hudson’s pretense was so successful that he completely confused Baron Kettle and didn’t think about the coincidence at all.
Shooting only five arrows was not just for showing off; more importantly, to reach such a range, Hudson could only shoot five arrows.
Any more and your arm strength will be unbearable. Who told him that he was just a weakling who had just reached the threshold of an intermediate knight?
Ordinary bow and arrow shooting can easily throw more than a hundred arrows; the high-strength elf bow cannot be fully drawn under normal circumstances, so there are naturally limitations in its use.
Unless the shooting range is lowered and the arm strength output is reduced, the continuous output ability of his strong archer will be really impressive.
After struggling for more than half a month, there was no sign of the Skull and Bones Society.
If it were not for the corroboration of the corpses of Knight Florian and fifty-seven soldiers, as well as the testimony of a number of witnesses, everyone would doubt whether the news of the Skull and Bones Society was a rumor.
No one could be found for a long time. Not only did everyone not relax, but they became even more nervous.
The reason why cult organizations are so scary is because they hide in the dark. If their identity is exposed, it will be easier to deal with.
Unfortunately, almost a month has passed since the day of the incident, and still nothing has been found.
“Perhaps the Skull and Bones people have left Qiaomu County. What these rats are best at is hiding. According to past practice, they will flee thousands of miles after committing a crime.
Although they failed to catch the Skeleton Holy Lord this time, everyone gained something.
But the facts were right in front of him, and he couldn’t find a reason to argue. The Baron Raphael in front of him was sent by the Governor’s Palace to help, so there was no need to buy into his account.
“Baron Raphael is right, we have achieved great results during this period. But these are just a bunch of small fish and have nothing to do with our goal.
If we want to truly achieve long-term peace and stability, we must continue to work harder and wipe out all the Skull and Bones guilds.
This cult has launched five rebellions since entering my Alpha Kingdom.
The previous ones are far away from us and can be ignored for the time being, but the last rebellion that occurred in Wright and Wyton counties was experienced by everyone personally.
I thought they would flee thousands of miles away as usual after their failure, but now they appear again.
Does this mean that they have new plans in Qiaomu County or Southeast Province?
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