y. A few decades ago, no one knew there was an opportunity to establish the Farland Kingdom.

A group of people who were originally supposed to be ordinary nobles of the kingdom were pushed to the forefront by the tide of the times and were in charge of the destiny of a country.
Suddenly being in a high position cannot be compensated by temporary tutoring. If the world is peaceful, with the support of the Frankish Kingdom, they can slowly learn experience at work.
Charles III was unwilling to talk nonsense because he knew very well that if you want people to mature politically quickly, you can only let people continue to step on pitfalls.
For example, right now, if the powerful people in the Farland Kingdom cannot put aside their desire to prove their abilities, it will be impossible for them to mature politically.
You are destined to pay tuition, and it is cheaper to pay it early. The Alpha Kingdom wants cannon fodder, but it won’t kill these nobles.
/Just like the Five Prairie Nations who brutally used their allies as cannon fodder, the Alpha people’s next operation must be more technical, at least on the surface it will not leave any evidence for attack.
Pius VII also encountered similar troubles. But because of the distance, he received the news a little later.
There was no warning in advance, and there was no rush to express anger. He was equally angry, but he was even more angry that Alpha Man didn’t give him face.
Of course, the anger wasn’t that great this time. After all, it is not just a matter of a day or two for the Alpha Kingdom to stop buying into the Holy See’s account.
“Is there any news about Josip and Jelacic?”
Pius VII asked with concern.
After not receiving any news for a long time, he already had an ominous premonition deep in his heart. Even if the team sent is very strong, the strength of these people will still be greatly reduced when they reach the sea.
If the enemy does not give them a chance to fight in close combat, most of the knights will have nothing to show for their strength and will be reduced to spectators in naval battles.
But the place where the fleet disappeared was close to the Alpha Kingdom. Others don’t dare to do evil things to people from the Holy See, but it’s hard to tell when they encounter those Alpha lunatics.
“Your Majesty, we are working hard to investigate. Judging from the current situation, the team looking for the artifact is probably in trouble.
According to the information collected, before the pirate fleet disappeared, a Dalton family warship was sunk on the southeast coast of the Alpha Kingdom.
Immediately afterwards, the main fleet of the Dalton family assembled, and even the dragon knight Hudson appeared in the fleet.
The Koslow family and the Dalton family competed for dominance in the southeastern province, and there were many secret conflicts. Under normal circumstances, Hudson should not appear in the enemy’s fleet.
The only thing that can get them to join forces is a higher level of pressure.
It is very likely that Josip and Jelacic’s