characteristics, it is relatively simple to make money under a relaxed environment. Moreover, they seem to control the black market arms of the “Brave Bar” Trading, acting as the supporter behind Ian, can make a lot of money just from this line.

After thinking about it, Klein raised his head and saw the messenger lady’s four pairs of eight red eyes staring at him without moving.
He was startled, thinking that the other party was urging him to repay the debt, so he cleared his throat and said:
“No need to reply.
The four heads of Renette Tinichole spoke in turn:
“No need”, “worry”, “no”, “interest”
Miss Messenger is quite good. As Klein sighed, Reinette Tinichole’s figure disappeared from the place and returned to the depths of the spiritual world.
After burning the letter and resting for two-quarters of an hour, he walked to the door and told Richardson to prepare the carriage.
He planned to go to church before his afternoon philosophy class.
The journey went smoothly, and Klein, who only drank a few sips of black tea, soon arrived at the square outside St. Samuel’s Church.
After admiring the sense of peace brought by the white doves for a while, he stepped through the church door, entered the prayer hall, and found a seat at random to sit down. Richardson, like last time, sat on the floor holding his employer’s hat and cane. Diagonally rearward.
While praying to free his mind, Klein was inspired again and instinctively opened his eyes and looked to the left.
/He immediately saw Leonard Mitchell, who had dark hair and green eyes.
This “Nighthawk” didn’t wear a windbreaker. He wore a white shirt without a belt, straight pants and a black vest. His style was very casual.
Seeing the middle-aged gentleman with frost-stained temples looking over, he nodded with a smile, looked away, closed his eyes, and pretended to pray.
He was not worried that the other party would notice that he was sizing him up, because he just glanced at him without any unnecessary movements. Many believers had similar behavior just now.
When a good-looking and elegant gentleman enters this place, he will inevitably receive a certain amount of attention. Leonard Mitchell himself is often looked at like this by others and knows this very well.
At this time, a slightly old voice sounded in his mind:
“it’s him.”
Oh, I have lived up to my efforts of running to the church yesterday and today. Leonard thought slightly proudly, but he remained calm on the surface.
Klein was also pretending to pray, thinking about the doubts in his heart:
“Since when did Leonard become so religious?
“Although he is definitely more religious than me, he is definitely not the kind who goes to church every day, only once a week, or even two weeks.
“He came here with a purpose. He seemed to be sizing me up just now.”
/Thinking of this, Klein suddenly understood:
“The old man in his body is the angel of the Zoroastrian family, the angel of the thief’s path.
“The Blasphemer Amon is the king of angels in this path. He can detect the gray mist and even wan