s breath was indistinguishable.

Putting on the black clergy coat next to him, Klein moved the internal caretaker and servant clothes in front of him to the bottom of the bed, lay down on it, and counted the time silently.
At 5:30, he got up early, ate the white bread prepared last night, drank a glass of water, and looked out the window quietly.
The sky was just beginning to light up. Klein remained expressionless, opened the door, walked out, went down to the first floor, followed the route he had initially mastered, and turned to the left.
After walking for a while, he saw a priest as expected.
This was the experience of a former Nighthawk, so Klein was not worried about finding a passage.
The priest stood outside the secret door leading to the underground area, raised his right hand, tapped his chest four times clockwise and said:
“May the goddess bless you.”
“Praise the goddess.” Klein responded in a low tone, also drawing a crimson moon.
/Without stopping, he passed the priest, and under the illumination of lights on both sides, he walked up the stairs step by step and headed to the crossroads.
Based on his understanding of the surrounding geographical environment, Klein believed that turning to the right would lead him away from the church and that he should be heading to a certain security company or other organization disguised as “Nighthawks”, so he turned left without hesitation.
At this moment, he saw a man wearing red gloves walking towards him.
This man has dark hair and green eyes, outstanding appearance, and is dressed quite casually. He is none other than Leonard Mitchell.
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When he saw Leonard Mitchell, the muscles in Klein’s back instantly became stiff, and his mind was so tense that it was as if a bowstring stretched to its limit might break at any time.
He remembered very clearly that there was an angel of the “thief” path, Pales Zoroaster, living in the body of his fellow poet. He could sense his own specialness and thus see through the disguise.
If the old man tells Leonard about the problem with the caretaker in front of him, then the trouble will be big. He can only hope that the poet classmate is afraid that his secret will be exposed, pinching his nose and pretending not to know that when he was in Tingen, although He always said that everyone has their own secrets and don’t need to care so much, but those are situations that are not directly directed at the church. Who knows if he will suddenly have a sense of justice and decide to be loyal to his duty and take risks to expose it. After all, this has nothing to do with Ince. The Zangwill incident was so similar to this moment that Klein almost broke into a cold sweat on his forehead.
Frankly speaking, he didn’t expect to run into Leonard when he went to Chanis Gate, because the opponent was already a “Red Glove”, not an ordinary “Night Watcher”, and he no longer had to take turns on duty. This was not the case. Ground.
However, Klein immediately thought of a key point.
That i