unded by luxurious high-back chairs.

On the edge of the hall, there are gold-inlaid furniture, marble statues, coffee tables with books and newspapers, and a set of leather sofas.
Klein glanced around and saw Emilius Levitt sitting at the top. This admiral had not changed much from before. His black hair was neatly combed back, his blue eyes were dark and deep, and the corners of his mouth were slightly drooped. He has no beard on his face, his temperament is old-fashioned and serious, and he wears dark blue clothes with epaulettes. Every detail is meticulous and extremely serious.
/Turning his eyes, Klein discovered another “acquaintance”:
He has thick but not messy black eyebrows, short and stiff hair of the same color, dark blue to almost black eyes, a nose as high as a mountain peak, a large beard extending around his mouth, a deep outline, a long face, and cold lines. Very tough guy flavor.
This is the deputy director of MI9, Qonas Korg!
This is one of Klein’s goals when he returns to Backlund. He is the middleman for human trafficking between the Witch Sect and a faction of the royal family, and an accomplice of Backlund’s great smog!
The deputy director of the major general had unusually broad shoulders, stretched his white shirt and black vest extremely tight, and was concentrating on playing Texas Hold’em poker.
How can one play this card when there are two, no, three demigods on the same card table? Interesting… Klein found a seat to sit down and observed the others at the card table.
In the process, the waiter brought a large stack of chips, worth a total of 1,000 pounds.
In the first few rounds, Klein looked at the cards and threw them away. He acted very cautiously. He seemed to never raise or follow the bets unless he got a good hand.
Admiral Aimilius’s style is just the opposite of him. He is not conservative at all. He follows almost everything, keeps raising bets, and is extremely aggressive.
/Any poker game in which he participated rarely reached the showdown stage. Most people could not bear the pressure and the general’s inherent majesty. After one or two rounds, they all gave up. Among them, Someone tried to catch Amyrius Levitt bluffing, but when he encountered the admiral’s four nines, his face suddenly turned pale, as if he had been sentenced to death by a judge.
Qonaskorg has another style. He will lose a hand from time to time, but the total number of chips is small and does not have much impact. And when he loses the next hand, he will often successfully clear out the last win. His chip forced the other party to spend money to buy new chips.
Why bother? When playing cards with mid- to low-sequence Extraordinaries or even ordinary people, why would you use your abilities to cheat? Others can’t see it, but I still don’t know? One is the power and coercion of the “arbitrator” path, and the other is the “bribery” of the “corrupted baron”… Klein looked at the hole cards that only contained the 5 of hearts and the 9 of clubs, and shook his head invisibly.
He couldn’t help but thi