iendly to the church and the Nighthawks.”

He was quite pleased, and took out two linked, dead transparent insects, packed them directly in the envelope, summoned Gehrman Sparrow’s messenger again, and handed them to the other party, along with a gold coin.
/After doing this, Leonard loosened the top button of his shirt, walked out of the room, and headed underground.
On the way, he met Daly Simone.
Dai Li, who was still dressed as a “psychic”, looked ahead and asked very naturally:
“Any new clues?”
“Suspected of an evil spirit from the hunter’s path.” Leonard was silent for two seconds, and finally chose not to hide anything about this matter.
Dai Li nodded slightly and said thoughtfully:
“It is likely to have a provocative instinct and will take the initiative to leave clues for us along the way. Of course, this may contain some misleading.”
Boom, boom, boom, there was a knock on the door of the captain’s room of the “Blue Avenger”.
“Come in.” Alger put down the brass sextant in his hand and said in a deep voice.
A sailor opened the door, looked back, and at the urging of many companions, he hesitantly entered the room, fisted his right chest and made a salute:
“The storm is rising”
When Alger responded, he squinted his face and said with a smile:
“Captain, recently many pirates and sailors from merchant ships have said that they have found some valuable items, even gold, in the ruins of Bansi Port.
“We don’t seem to have any particularly important tasks recently. Everyone is thinking about whether to take a trip to Banxi. In such a prosperous port, even if it has been searched many times, there should still be a lot of things left.”
Alger listened expressionlessly and pondered for several seconds before saying:
“I can understand your mood. Let’s do this. We will sail towards Bansi Port without any preset purpose. If nothing else happens on the way, we will stay there for one day.”
“Okay, Captain.” The sailor said excitedly, clenching his right fist and left chest again, “The storm is with you.”
“The storm is with you.” Alger watched his men leave and closed the door.
/He immediately acted as if nothing had happened. He poured a glass of liqueur without being happy or angry, and began to taste it slowly.
Everything that happened just now was actually what he expected, because the news that someone found valuable items in the ruins of Bansi Port was spread by him after disguising himself.
As the “captain” of the Church of Storms, he is always under the supervision of the sailors. After having already been to Banxi once, he would easily be suspected if he proposed to go there again. Therefore, Alger decided to let the crew make their own requests.
That way, even if something is discovered or encountered in Bansi Port, no one will doubt him as the captain.
For sailors, especially those who had just squandered their money in Bayam, Alger knew very well what rumors were the most tempting and what news made them excited.
In addition, the “Blue Avenger” has stayed in Bayam long enough, and it is equa