eatened me because of the 3 shares. Then something happened to Mr. Caron. It’s hard not to doubt him. I think it’s necessary to remind him that this is the demeanor that a gentleman should have.”

Several police officers were slightly moved when they heard this, feeling that the matter might be more complicated than they thought. Butler Walter suddenly understood and responded immediately:
“Okay, sir, I will visit Baron Sindras immediately and inform you and his friends of this matter.”
In this way, if Baron Syndras did not do the matter, then the subsequent troubles will be solved by him. If he is really behind the scenes, involving him in the name of a kind reminder and spreading the news can create enough public pressure. , making the “rescue” of Congressman Macht and others simple.
A smart butler saves worries. Klein secretly praised twice and continued:
After giving orders to the butler and valet, Klein looked at the police officers opposite:
/“Okay, I’ll go back to the police station with you and I won’t embarrass you.
“However, I will not answer any of your questions until my attorney arrives.”
The leading police officer breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and said:
“Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Dantès.”
At this time, next door to the small living room, Forsi said quickly:
“Want to follow?”
“Yes, I’ll hide under the carriage now and follow him to the police station. We can’t guarantee that those police officers are real,” Xio replied quite cautiously.
She paused, took the time to ask:
“What else do you want to say?”
Foer thought for a second and said seriously:
“Nobles and rich people are terrible”
Xio was stunned for a moment, without saying anything more. He walked to the window, pressed his hand, and jumped down easily, landing in the shadow of the building.
Minutes later, Klein and two of the officers boarded a carriage belonging to Dwayne Dantès.
When he sat down, he glanced at the thick carpet, his expression unchanged.
When he arrived at the police station, Klein was taken directly into the interrogation room, but no matter how the officer in charge asked, he did not respond.
When his lawyer arrived, he gave a statement, saying that he had only met with Caron once, and that the negotiations for the acquisition of shares were all handled by a professional team and that he had no specific participation.
He repeated these contents and expressed ignorance of the rest, leaving the police officer on the opposite side completely unable to find a way out until he was shouted out.
After a while, the police officer in charge of taking the confession came back and said:
“Okay, you can leave. A distinguished gentleman has provided guarantee for you and paid the bail.”
/Klein did not get up immediately. He sat on the chair and raised his head and asked:
The police officer was full of respect:
“Baron Syndras.”
Klein suddenly smiled, stood up slowly, led the lawyer out of the interrogation room, and met the butler and valet.
He met Baron Sindras again at the door of the police s