d Mr. “Stars” knows Mr. “Moon”. So, will Mr. “World” also know Mr. “Moon”?

She subconsciously glanced at the bottom of the long bronze table, but was unable to “read” any useful information from “The World” Gehrman Sparrow.
After a few seconds of thinking, “The Hanged Man” Alger turned his head to look at the “Moon” and spoke after careful consideration:
“Mr. Fool just said that times have changed. Although the big shots in your vampire family may not know the whole story, at their level they should be more or less aware of it and be prepared to respond.
“The big shot will meet you by name. It’s both a test and an observation. You just need to behave as usual, but there may be some tests and some tasks in the follow-up.”
Seeing that the question just now had been answered, “Magician” Forsi, who had been patient for a while, took the initiative and said:
“Mr. Moon, the information you gave about the abandoned castle is very problematic.
“There are indeed two ancient resentful spirits there, but there is still a door underground. Behind that door is a powerful fallen power sealed. As long as you enter the area where the ancient resentful spirits are, you will be eroded by it.”
“Moon” Emlyn frowned slightly.
He was not angry, but felt that there was nothing wrong with Miss Magician’s statement:
Since the person who provided the information knew that there were two ancient ghosts there, there was no reason to ignore the door.
As a cultivated noble vampire, Emlyn never wanted to cause others to suffer losses or harm due to his own mistakes or negligence. He was very concerned about this. He thought about it and said solemnly:
“I will investigate the source of the information and give you an explanation.”
Since “Magician” Forsi had returned safely, he didn’t care too much about it. He said “hmm” and said that he would wait for the result.
As for Mr. Fool’s saving grace, since it happened once or even twice every month, she could no longer calculate it. She only thought about doing whatever Mr. “Fool” told her in the future.
After listening to their conversation, “Justice” Audrey was a little concerned and asked curiously:
“Do you know what brought about the power of corruption?”
“Magician” Forsi shook his head:
“have no idea.”
/Seeing that Mr. Fool did not give any warning, and that she currently did not have Russell’s diary to exchange for the answer to what the “blasphemous card” was, Audrey withdrew her gaze and listened intently to the other members’ exchanges.
After a while, the learning part was completed and the Tarot Club came to an end. All the members stood up and bowed to the top of the long bronze table to say goodbye.
This time, Leonard didn’t act so slow.
The crimson light dissipated and he returned to the real world, with a red glove that he had not yet put on placed in front of him.
At this moment, a slightly older voice suddenly sounded in his mind:
“Whose dream did you go to just now?”
Leonard was happy at first when the old man woke up, and then he breathed a sigh of re