“Sun” Derrick did not speak, nor did he make any associations. He listened carefully to Mr. World’s description and the conversation between the two ladies, “Magician” and “Hermit”, and kept them in his mind.
As far as he is concerned, no matter what happens in the “outside world” where the other members are located, it has little to do with him and Silver City. It is only related to the King of Angels and deserves attention. After all, no matter “Angel of Destiny” Ourolius, “Dark Angel” Saslier and “Red Angel” Medici both left traces in the area around Silver City, and “Angel of Time” Amon even appeared in person, bringing unspeakable terror.
After everyone calmed down, Derrick couldn’t help but think about some questions:
Anyone who says anything must be known. How should I tell the chief about this news? Or, it’s okay not to say it for the time being. Just mention that Amon is the son of the Creator. He also has a brother who lives in the same realm as the “Dragon of Imagination”. way
If Silver City encounters an unstoppable disaster and I read Adam’s name, can He hear it? Can He enter this land abandoned by God?
Thinking of this, Derrick felt a little ashamed, because even if there was a similar situation, the name he pronounced should be Mr. Fool’s honorable name.
At this time, “The World” Gehrman Sparrow spoke again:
“Although the war angel Medici has fallen long ago, he has not completely passed away. The spirit he left behind was mixed with the remnant souls of the ancestors of the Sauron and Einhorn families, and evolved into an evil spirit. In Ins Zangwe It appears in your death.”
/Klein specifically pointed out this matter, firstly, through Leonard, to pass the corresponding information to the Church of the Night, and secondly, to remind the “Hanged Man” to pay attention. After all, this gentleman has been to Banxi twice and might meet with him. The “Red Angel” evil spirit has some fateful entanglements.
That evil spirit was the “War Angel” Medici. Leonard was shocked but not too surprised at the same time. He had just guessed that there must be more than one big figure like Adam appearing at that time.
Then, starting from the comparison between the two titles “War Angel” and “Utopian Angel”, he suspected that the evil spirit was a king of angels during his lifetime.
And such an evil spirit, under the influence of the “Luck Stealer” spell, was sent to the underworld without much resistance.
The old man’s status may be higher than I thought before. Well, the evil spirit must have been weakened by Adam and even Mr. Fool before Ms. Daly and I arrived. Otherwise, it would not be an enemy we could fight against at that time. Right. What was Adam doing? He didn’t appear during the entire battle. Could it be that there was a big figure at the level of the King of Angels that was entangled in Adam? Leonard’s heart was filled with waves, and he actually forgot to observe the reactions of other members.
/“War Angel” Medici evolved into an evil spirit after his death. Bansi is where his descend