ifact beads were stored in a ruins in the outer realm. Is the underworld really that simple?”

ifact beads were stored in a ruins in the outer realm. Is the underworld really that simple?”
Lin Xin gently stroked the jade plate, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind.
With his current state, he can have hundreds of thousands, millions, or tens of millions of thoughts going on at the same time in an instant.
The soul is powerful to a certain extent, and just thinking has power that ordinary people cannot imagine.
“This jade plate carries a yang and harmony that is not found in the underworld. Even in the human world and other areas, I have never heard of such a soft yang and harmony.”
The aura on the jade plate is so soft that it is shocking. .
It is clear that the unique attributes of Yanghe Qi are strong and violent.
But the breath above is like flowing air. He was so tamed that he had no temper at all.
“Master.” Nan Shunqing’s voice came from outside the study.
“Come in.”
Lin Xin said calmly.
Nan Shunqing slowly opened the door and walked into the study.
His whole body had already taken on a new look, and the old wrinkles on his skin had long since disappeared.
Some are just as young and energetic as young people.
At this time, Nan Shunqing, Qingyi Qingguan, had already returned to his youthful appearance.
“Master, everything is ready. I’m just waiting for your order to set off.”
Lin Xin nodded slightly.
“Is there any reaction from the other sects?”
“They think we are crazy.” Nan Shunqing smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Never mind this, Master, our trouble is coming.”
“Trouble? So soon?”
Although Lin Xin’s tone was surprised, his expression remained calm.
“Our Skynet has detected that in the outer realm 2.4 million miles to the north, there is a soul aura similar to my own aura, and it is rushing here.” Nan Shunqing said seriously.
“If nothing else happens, it should be the forces behind my body.”
“How are you going to deal with it?” Lin Xin asked calmly.
“My identity is that of one of the orthodox heirs over there. The disciple is wondering if I can use this to seek more benefits for me and the master.”
Nan Shunqing said carefully.
“Just do what you want.” Lin Xin didn’t interfere, “This is your own business.”
“I understand.” Nan Shunqing nodded slightly.
He has always been a very independent person. He was like this at the time of the Villa, and he is still like this now.
“You have to remember that I am behind you.” Lin Xin added lightly, “No matter what happens.”
“Thank you, Master!”
Nan Shunqing nodded seriously.
The master and apprentice discussed some of the difficulties in practicing the exercises.
Nan Shunqing also casually mentioned that the current Lin Zhen’s bloodline is Lin Hesheng.
“Xuan He is also outside and wants to meet the master.”
He directly mentioned this issue.
/“Lin Hesheng” Lin Xin was silent for a moment. This was his bloodline, the bloodline inherited from his union with Xiao Lingling.
No matter what, he’ll take a good look.
“Let them come in.” He clearly felt that there was more than one person