een erupting for too long and seemed extremely stable.

een erupting for too long and seemed extremely stable.
Walking from the town to the volcano, along the deserted stone steps starting from the foot of the mountain, Lin Xin could see many mummies in a daze and repetitive movements.
The volcano is very high, with a corona-like gray-white platform in the middle. Looking towards the platform from a distance, there seems to be a shining blue stone pillar standing on it.
It’s just that the platform is surrounded by a black circle composed of countless black bugs, flying around the platform in a steady stream.
Lin Xin tried several times to go up and take a look, but was blocked back by a huge invisible force.
This place was too mysterious and weird, and he didn’t dare to attack directly to see if he could break the siege. Had to give up.
He continued to climb up the stone steps, increasing his speed. After about ten minutes, he finally reached the top of the volcano.
On the top of the mountain is a large bowl-shaped crater. He just stood on the edge, illuminated by red light, as inconspicuous as an ant, just like the countless stones on the edge.
Walking around the crater, I saw some mummies. Some of them were lying on their sides on the ground, letting the high temperature of the ground make them smoke all over their bodies, but they laughed inexplicably.
Some climbed up from other stone steps, and then jumped directly towards the volcano without looking at Lin Xin, who was close at hand.
/Others were kneeling on the ground, covering their faces and crying sadly, but no tears could be seen flowing down.
After seeing more, Lin Xin no longer paid much attention to these mummies. There was a small ancient dilapidated building surrounded by walls beside the dazzling red crater. It seemed that this place was originally a courtyard.
The rocks inside are stitched together by solidified magma to form one whole.
He walked into the small courtyard with a little curiosity, where gray-black spiked vines were everywhere.
suddenly a nervous man’s voice floated out from a corner of the courtyard.
“Another newcomer trying to save himself.”
Lin Xin was startled. When he heard the laughter, he thought it was another unconscious mummy man, but he didn’t expect that the other party actually spoke ghost whispers.
Following the direction of the sound, he quickly found the person’s location.
Behind the highest broken wall in the courtyard, a large group of huge black shadows in human form were floating among the jumbled stones.
The black shadow was floating like this, like a human being wearing a robe, but it was more than four meters tall, the same as the broken wall.
His hem seemed to be swallowing and absorbing the black particles in the surrounding void all the time to replenish itself.
No facial features or details could be seen on his entire body, just like the shadow of a person reflected on the wall by the firelight, which was somewhat distorted and only had an outline.
Lin Xin stood in front of him and looked up at him.
“Who are