om his uncle Yunzi to An Ying alone.

om his uncle Yunzi to An Ying alone.
He weighed it and found that the sword was about one meter long and weighed more than five kilograms.
A sword slashed hard on the long-eared tiger’s front leg. The soft-looking golden fur actually made a crisp sound when it was cut open, and a huge resistance was transmitted to Lin Xinxin through the sword.
He held the sword with both hands and pressed hard.
The long-eared tiger roared in pain for a long time before he finally made a cut.
The blood slowly flowed from the wound, wetting and staining the fur underneath, and dripping to the ground.
Lin Xin quickly used the prepared skin bag to connect it. It took about half a minute to stop the long-eared tiger’s bleeding.
Sprinkle some insect repellent powder around, and take out a water bag to rinse the blood around the wound. After disinfection, cover it with a layer of prepared gauze, and the long-eared tiger’s wound is treated.
Returning to the campfire, Lin Xin quickly took out the pills. Looking at the dark pills, he tried his best to control himself and not think about the disgusting things he put in them, nor did he think about the many things in the pills that might not be dead. spider eggs, or parasites.
/With his eyes closed, he threw the Guiyuan Pill into his mouth and drank a mouthful of blood.
The rust-smelling blood in his mouth was very thick and tasted like a milkshake. But it was mixed with a big fishy smell.
took another mouthful and swallowed the Guiyuan Pill that was not completely swallowed.
“Since Uncle Boyunzi gave me this recipe, it must be possible to succeed!” Lin Xin also became furious at this time.
Boyunzi deliberately placed the pamphlet under his secret skills, obviously just for him to read.
In any case, Boyunzi had no reason to harm himself.
Lin Xin stuffed the water bag and sat on the dead leaves to quietly experience the feeling after eating it.
A scalding heat soon spread from his stomach. As if a pot of boiling water was boiling in his stomach, Lin Xin couldn’t help but cover his stomach and curl up.
“Could he be poisoned?” He felt a little panicked.
But the change in the attribute column in front of him immediately made him give up this guess.
/But at this time, there is a faint upward arrow symbol behind the physical fitness column.
“It works!”
Lin Xin felt happy and knew that he had hope. Although my stomach was churning at this time, it was so hot that the pain was unbearable. But as long as it has an effect, it must not be wasted because the junior sister and him have worked hard with their lives.
For several days, Lin Xin and An Ying stayed where they were. When they were hungry, they ate the dry food they brought, and when they were thirsty, they looked for water nearby. Fortunately, An Ying recovered quickly and could move around freely the next day. Although she was injured, she only lost too much blood and her joints were not injured.
After she woke up, she took Lin Xin to find the creek where he often fetched water. Af