n chaos, and the master has passed away.”

n chaos, and the master has passed away.”
He felt a little at a loss.
“Since there is a first time, it is very likely that there will be a second time. Even if there is not, when the Corpse King gets angry, he will definitely gather his old troops to find a way to unblock the seal. We should quickly inform the Yuan family and the Yin family. Last time The Jidus are resurrected, and it is they who work with Senior Hongde to save the people. This time, it may only be up to them,”
the monk with long eyebrows said seriously.
“Yes, yes! Yes, we have to inform the Yuan family and the Yin family immediately. They are a family that has been inheriting demons since ancient times. They will definitely have a way.” The Taoist’s eyes suddenly lit up and he had a backbone.
“We also need to inform the Taoist Association and the Buddhist Association that James and Prague, two laymen, also played an important role in the last war.” The monk quickly analyzed, “If someone they are familiar with helps, they may be able to contain the Corpse King in advance. Resurrection, life is in ruins.”
/“I will take care of this!” The Taoist stood up quickly.
“Then there is Taoist Master Lao Xuanying.” The monk said the Buddha’s name and looked solemn.
Outside Hanzhong City.
Blood slowly flowed down the blades of Lu Li’s swords.
The sword blade on his right hand began to gather a new strange pattern.
Around her, countless corpses lay scattered on the ground.
The blood flowed into a river, gathered together, and poured into the sea on one side, dyeing the beach a faint scarlet red.
The ground is full of deep craters left by shelling and is uneven.
They were all scattered around Lu Li, but without exception, they were of no use at all.
Now that he has reached the fifth level of human immortal cultivation, Lu Li specializes in swordsmanship, his whole body is covered with sword intent, and his sword energy protects his body.
Even if the spiritual energy is insufficient, it cannot be broken by just relying on spiritual jade.
The 120,000-strong army left behind more than 3,000 corpses. Most of them retreated, while the rest were killed by her alone with two swords. They collapsed and collapsed.
Standing in the sea breeze, Lu Li’s body was covered in blood, but his delicate and beautiful face was still fair and delicate, and he did not appear to be out of breath at all.
It was as if the battle just now was just a game after dinner.
“It’s a pity that Master does not allow the use of large-scale sword skills, otherwise it would not be difficult to kill all these people.”
A trace of regret flashed in her heart. It was such a waste to let them escape with so much food.
So far, she has lost count of how many people she has killed.
When she was in the small world, she was the commander-in-chief of the empire. Once an army was at a disadvantage, she would take action decisively. Wherever she went, rivers of blood flowed and corpses piled up like mountains.
“I wonder what happened to Junior Brother Zhao.”
She turn