voice of the old owner of the Ashiya family.

voice of the old owner of the Ashiya family.
“Ba Xiaoshan, you have made it difficult for me this time.”
“Old Patriarch, I won’t hide it from you. People from Shenmen came to see me today, and they made it clear that they didn’t want me to get involved. I want the evil Onmyoji to arrest Yoshiko Ashiya. It’s not to avenge Abe Unzan, but to blackmail your Ashiya family. The evil Onmyoji is controlled by Shenmen, which means that the people from Shenmen want to get something from your Ashiya family. I have a relationship. The relationship between me and Shenmen is quite deep. Their boss is a powerful person that I can’t afford to mess with. I won’t destroy myself for a little profit for no reason, especially when it’s unknown. In the case of Bai. Do you understand what I mean?” I whispered.
/“If I tell you the reason, can you promise to save my granddaughter?” The tone of the old head of the Ashiya family changed a little, and he sounded a little relaxed.
“Yes, I guarantee Ashiya Yoshiko will not lose a hair.” I still have this confidence.
“Do you remember the man you saw on the top of the pagoda?”
“The living dead?” I asked.
“He is not Ashiya Michimitsu, or he used to be Ashiya Michimitsu, but not anymore. He is my eldest son and Yoshiko’s father.” These words confused me. Ashiya Yoshiko’s father should have been a long time ago. He is dead, everyone in the circle knows this. And from the old man’s tone, it seemed that Ashiya Michitoshi and his eldest son had quite a connection.
/“Isn’t your eldest son dead?” I asked.
“He is the reincarnation of Ashiya Michitoshi. After he had Yoshiko, the struggle between our family and the Abe family was very fierce, and several fierce private conflicts broke out between the two parties. In order to regain the status quo in the struggle between the two families Upcoming, we decided to revive the memory of Ashiya Michitoshi sleeping in the soul of my eldest son through the technique of reincarnation. Obtain the ancient secret technique of Yin and Yang from the memory of Ashiya Michitoshi, and then use it to defeat the Abe family. This ritual is called illusion. Spiritual ceremony.” It seems that the old man is finally ready to tell me the truth.
“The ritual failed?” Since the man I saw was like a living dead, then naturally the ritual failed. Unexpectedly, the old head of the Ashiya family actually said: “The ceremony was a success. Ashiya Michimi’s memory was completely awakened. However, my son’s consciousness was swallowed up by Ashiya Michimi’s consciousness, and he even completely turned into Ashiya Michimi for a time. . Of course, we also obtained a lot of ancient onmyoji from Ashiya Michitoshi’s memory. But later, Moya and I felt that we had the upper hand again among the two families, and we were about to re-seal Ashiya Michitoshi’s memory. There was an accident. Ashiya Michiman found out about our plan to seal him and immediately launched a resistance. In the fierce battle, I accidentally seriously injured my son, which is what modern people call it. A ve