gon energy, his abilities are indeed much higher.

gon energy, his abilities are indeed much higher.
“I haven’t finished speaking yet, why are you in a hurry!”
I shouted.
/“What else is there to say!” he shouted loudly.
“This old man is determined not to tell you the whereabouts of the ancient dragon treasure. He wants to die. But I don’t want to die. If you promise to let us go, I will take you to see the ancient dragon treasure. How about it?” This is my pure opinion. Bragging, after all, I don’t know where the ancient dragon treasure is, it’s just nonsense. But the underground space extends in all directions. As long as I can knock this grandson out, the possibility of escaping is still very high.
“Do you know where the ancient dragon treasure is?” Obviously Yunli didn’t quite believe me.
“How could I not know? This old guy told me before I came in. To be honest, I not only know the location of the ancient dragon treasure, but I also know where the dragon body is hidden deep in the mysterious sea. Place!” Anyway, I have to brag, so I will brag as loudly as possible. Anyway, you don’t have to pay taxes when you brag. You can do whatever you want, and it’s best to make the other party faint with your talk.
“Is there a dragon body here?” Yunli’s eyes really shone, and he was obviously already a little bit hooked.
“How come there are no dragons in the ancient land? Let me put it bluntly. In your current situation, although you are highly capable and blessed with dragon energy, your physical body cannot bear it. The final result is probably to explode. But because of the blessing of dragon energy, It shouldn’t be a big problem, at least the soul won’t be destroyed, and there won’t be any trouble coming to you. But there are many things that are difficult to predict, and someone who can defeat the soul can also deal with you. But if you have that dragon. Body, your soul enters the dragon body, haha, I won’t say more about it. People dream of becoming a dragon that flies to the sky. ”
I said this just after his heart . Although Yunli seems to be very sure, she is probably very confused in her heart. The body is the protection of the soul, and the soul is the foundation of human beings. If the soul is gone, there will be no future, but if the body is gone, it can still be done. Stay alive. But if the body were replaced by a dragon, it would be fascinating to think about.
/“You really know that there is a dragon body here . ? Are you willing to help me?” Yunli asked, still worried.
“I also want to live. Why should I go against you? Let’s be clear, I just want to get out alive. We did have a dispute five years ago. Although there is enmity between you and me, such a big feud in the world is nothing. As long as you can make money and live a good life, what’s the harm in cooperating? “What I said is correct. There are no permanent enemies in the world, but there are permanent interests.
“Hey. Old guy, is he right?” Yunli kicked the old man. The old man looked at him and then at me. What I was most worried about at this time was that he would expose me.