some small business. Help people run goods and make a little fortune.”

some small business. Help people run goods and make a little fortune.”
The fat man laughed and tried to fool around.
Brother Jun was drinking and was about to speak when a young man next to him came over and whispered in his ear. As he looked after the housekeeper, his expression changed slightly and he asked, “Here he comes again?”
“Yes, here he comes again, and this time he seems to be more fierce. Do you want to go and have a look?”
The boy next to him seemed to have a somewhat agitated expression when he spoke. Something was wrong. Brother Jun stood up and said to us: “I have some things to deal with. Excuse me.”
After he left, the fat man said with a smile: “What’s wrong? Do you want to get to know him?”
I did have this plan. In the future, we will not be innocent in the circle of selling ghosts and monsters. Black and white, it is best to have some connections. Although we do not take the initiative to harm others, if others bully us, it is easier to fight back if we have connections.
/“I think this military guy is pretty good, and he has quite the temperament of a soldier. If there is a chance in the future, I will get in touch with him more. Maybe we can become friends in the future.”
I drank the wine in the glass and smoked a cigarette. Finally prepared to go home. As soon as I walked to the door of the disco, I saw Brother Jun and a few of his men walking back from outside. Their clothes were stained with blood and they looked a little ferocious. Some of the men were still holding guys in their hands.
/“They didn’t just come back from killing people, did they?”
Fatty whispered in surprise.
I frowned. Brother Jun led people to the door. He happened to see us and saw the suspicion in our eyes. He said openly: “This is not human blood. There were a few dead dogs outside just now, so we have to deal with them.” Drop. ”
Dead dog? ” This sounds strange. There are a lot of wild cats and dogs in Shanghai, but not to such an extent. Judging from the blood all over Brother Jun and his men, they must have killed at least several dogs.
“There have been wild dogs near the disco recently, and they have attacked a few customers. The boss asked me to pay attention, and I cleaned up the wild dogs when I found them. It was fine in the first few days, but there are more and more wild dogs in these days. And They are all ferocious and aggressive. A group of them come every once in a while. I have a few brothers keep an eye on them and chase them away when they see them. Damn it, they are here today. “Qi Ba Tiao, there is blood after the killing. Let’s go change clothes and leave.”
Brother Jun took the people away, but I felt that what he just said was a bit strange. Why do wild dogs attack people? And he was also staring at this disco, which is unjustifiable. It felt like something was about to happen, and I felt keenly that there seemed to be something fishy about it.
“There might be something going on here, Fatty, let’s go and take a look.”
Based on what I felt in my heart, I took Fatty and Luo