val are real big names in the industry. Mr. Tang once organized the Sanjiang Ghost Town Festival, which can also be seen from this. Medium serving size.

val are real big names in the industry. Mr. Tang once organized the Sanjiang Ghost Town Festival, which can also be seen from this. Medium serving size.
The green train was moving ricketyly. In the sleeper compartment, Luo Qiong was lying on my upper bunk, turning on a flashlight as if reading a book. I took out a small box from my arms and handed it to the fat man on the lower bunk opposite.
“What is it?”
he asked after taking it. After opening it, a Shanghai brand watch fell into his eyes. The fat man was startled, then asked: “When did you buy it?”
“I bought it when I went to the morning market two months ago. Do you think it fits when you put it on? Although it’s not as good as when you were deceived by Lao Hei. That Rolex, but it’s still a little bit of my heart.”
Speaking of which, we brothers have never given each other anything since we were young. Men don’t pay attention to these formal things.
“Hey, thank you.” The fat man was not polite to me, and started playing with it happily. After a moment, he said, “By the way, my uncle’s debt has almost been repaid. He wrote that he would return to Shanghai in a while. I have to thank you for this, Shanzi. If it weren’t for you, I might have spent the rest of my life helping you.”
Uncle Cui, why did you act like a bitch?” The
originally touching atmosphere was interrupted by Luo Qiong from the upper bunk, and the fat man glared at him and shouted: “If you don’t talk too much, you have to thank Shanzi properly. With the little money you earned, you could marry ten wives if you go back to Daheishan!”
Luo Qiong immediately laughed when he heard about marrying a wife. .
Two months have passed since the incident of Qi Jue’s pursuit. Apart from the money given to Lao Hei and given to Brother Yong, we still made a huge profit. To say that he has completely turned over is a bit exaggerated, but he has indeed escaped poverty and become rich. a day ago. Mr. Tang’s people found us, handed us the train tickets we had booked, and asked us to get on the road to Sanjiang Ghost Town and meet Mr. Tang at the conference.
Right now. The door of the box was opened, and Zhong Yong walked in with a hot water bottle. After hearing the laughter, he asked, “What are you talking about?”
“Nothing, Xiao Luo’s dick is hard. I miss my wife! Haha!”
Everyone said again There was a burst of laughter, and Luo Qiong’s face turned red with embarrassment.
Brother Yong smiled and handed out a cigarette to me and the fat man, and then said: “I just went out to fetch water and walked around in the train carriage. But I found a lot of people on the road.”
/After hearing this, We immediately stopped smiling. Zhong Yong turned around, closed the door of the box, sat down and whispered: “There are many people who want to attend the Sanjiang Ghost Town event, but very few people can get invitations. So many people go to Sanjiang Ghost Town.” The purpose is to visit this market, which is known as one of the three major events on the road. But some people’s purpose is n