a few winks.

a few winks.
Zhao Song didn’t care and patted Boss Feng’s arm.
“Uncle, you have thought about it carefully. You can go to the office to find me at any time. I will be there today!”
“Don’t think about it!” At this time, an older man than Boss Feng came. The shopkeeper stood up and said, and the clerks from several nearby shops also intentionally or unintentionally surrounded Lao Feng’s counter to prevent others from seeing what was going on here.
“Zhao Song, we are all helpless merchants. No one cares about what we want to sell, and we can’t control it.” The old merchant said word by word: “Hua Shi will be unbeatable for a while. If we do this Do it, the pressure is on your side.”
“What pressure do I have?” Zhao Song smiled and waved nonchalantly.
Hearing Zhao Song’s words, the shopkeepers were silent. They all understood how there was no pressure. This person was not just facing Hua Shi, but the Industrial Alliance of Gulf Province.
Zhao Song pretended not to see their looks and asked the old shop owner respectfully: “Uncle Rong, what other conditions do you have?”
“Give us a certain number of Tesla T1s.” The old shop owner’s eyes were bright. Looking at Zhao Song: “I know that T1 is in short supply abroad, but as long as it meets our requirements, the entire Beijing area, and even our entire North China region, will not produce any more Huashi products!”
Tesla said in Today’s CIH virus incident was so eye-catching that while major PC manufacturers were jealous, they also received numerous consultation calls from old corporate customers.
Now, Shenzhou and Tesla products mean continuous business.
This time, Zhao Song thought for a long time before slowly nodding.
/The Beijing area is Tesla’s exclusive territory, and Shenzhou Technology has the sales channels of Pengcheng and Jiaming. Of course, the four major distributors can also distribute goods from Shenzhou, but how to get along with these secondary dealers? Tesla in Beijing and Shenzhou nationwide have complete autonomy.
This is an important reason why Zhao Song has always been in charge of Zhonghai. This group of secondary dealers with powerful abilities can allow him to directly understand the terminal market. They are Tesla’s supervising department. Which major distributor dares to intercept Tesla’s sales? Zhao Song can know the rebates from the secondary dealers immediately.
/Here, Zhao Song also plays the role of manufacturer salesman between manufacturers and dealers.
The resulting effect is that the number of calls to Tesla’s key account department is being flooded by countless new corporate customers, and those who cannot afford Tesla’s expensive products and accessories are also being flooded with Shenzhou’s mainstream-grade accessories on the market in the afternoon. It was sold out of stock.
13:30 pm. Shanghai City.
A spring rain is hitting the beautiful Oriental Magic City.
The rain is like silk, light and fine. You can’t hear the pitter-patter sound, and you can’t feel the dripping rain. It just feels like t