Fatty shouted.
/“If you have to make a quotation, if you can afford it for a thousand years, I will tell you how to extend your life.”
To us, tens of millions is no longer a sky-high price, but an astronomical figure. I heard When quoting, I even subconsciously counted how many zeros there were.
“You lion, you are so open-minded! And even if I really give you tens of millions, how do I know you didn’t lie to me? Extend your life or something!”
The fat man shouted.
“Since you can’t pay and don’t believe what I say, our business ends here. Today we gave away a child. Before you find a way to exchange life for life, treat her well.”
After saying this The old man actually started to tidy up the stall, and the fat man was really anxious. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the old man’s collar, then lifted the old man up from the ground and pressed him against the wall. Only then did we see clearly the true face of the old man in front of us.
She was an old woman, very thin. The skin on his face had fallen off and was wrinkled in an awkward manner, as if it was not skin but a piece of clothing that was one size larger. At the same time, the old woman’s eyes were actually frightened! Its left eye was a black hole, and rotten black flesh could be seen. The other eye didn’t know what was going on, but it actually revealed a faint green light, which made people look horrified.
Although it looks scary, the fat man has already gone up to his head. Who cares so much? He shouted loudly: “Hand over my money, or I will kill you!”
“That’s not how business is done.”
The old woman said with a sneer, her voice hoarse with an evil aura. I felt something was wrong, so I grabbed the fat man and said, “Fat man, forget it.”
“No, that’s a thousand fucking dollars. I don’t want this brat. Hand over my money!”
If it were replaced by Usually the fat man might be calmer, but today the fat man doesn’t know what’s wrong. He is very impulsive when something happens. What if he hurts the old woman and brings her to the police station?
“Young man, I advise you to let go.”
There was a sneer on the old woman’s face, but the gloomy feeling coming from her body became even stronger.
“Hand over my money!”
The fat man roared, and then he actually raised the three-pointed thorn on his back and pressed it against the old woman’s neck. Like a crazy bull, the old woman was not too panicked and said slowly: “I’ll give you the money.”
Then she took out the thousand yuan that the fat man had just given from her pocket and handed it back to the fat man’s hands. Then he put away the three-edged thorns and let go of his hand and said: “Don’t do this kind of business next time, fuck.”
Then he pulled me and left the alley. I walked out and looked back. The old woman slowly bent down and turned her head to look at us in a strange posture. The green light in her intact eye was brighter, but something seemed to be moving in the other blind eye.
Got in the car. Only then did the fat man realize that the puppet he bought ha