ess lonely rebels, looking at the distant backs of those multinational companies and moving forward silently. With.

ess lonely rebels, looking at the distant backs of those multinational companies and moving forward silently. With.
This back-to-school season is exciting.
Consumers are pleasantly surprised by the frequent promotions; businessmen are interested in another fierce market war; some people are also looking at the rich man’s various tricks.
What everyone is more interested in is that since the reform, it seems that there has never been a businessman as belligerent as Zhao Song. Not only is he good at fighting, he also has a good fighting spirit. In every battle, he seems to have the talent to twist a group of enemies into a rope. Then whether it is a one-on-one fight or a group fight, he always singles out one opponent, and then Or… a group of them.
But this time, the situation has changed, because Zhao Song’s companies finally have the ability to fight in groups.
Prices for all Shenzhou series are reduced. Bayan manufacturer MSI followed suit and lowered the price of its low-end 815PE motherboard to 699. At the same time, it launched a ‘699’ lucky star flashing promotion, with competing products targeting Shenzhou’s main market.
On the same day, Zhao Song invested in Zhejiang Jinruihong Technology at a cost of 8.3 million.
Shenzhou has launched its first set of promotional activities. Users who purchase a full set of Shenzhou products will receive a set of wireless keyboard and mouse as a gift.
/Bayan manufacturer ABIT Technology followed up, teamed up with Bayan VIA Technology, and held a gift-giving event with single orders.
On the same day, Zhao Song traveled north to Suzhou City. Accompanied by city officials, he visited the Shenzhou Science and Technology Tertiary Industrial Park under construction and promised additional investment.
The terrifying Wu Ming and the crazed Xu Liangying, this rising female star in the business world, attracted everyone’s attention.
In response, Bayji Electronics announced a second price cut. At the same time, Bayji Electronics sent many representatives to convey the hostility from mainland Zhaosong’s enterprises to more than 60 FABs, equipment materials, and upstream IC design manufacturers in Bayan. , expressing the intention of the Zhao and Song Dynasties to decentralize and build their own supply chain.
On the same day, Zhao Song, accompanied by the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, visited Suzhou Ruihong Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.
October 2nd.
/Wanwan manufacturers have adjusted their prices again. First-tier manufacturers such as Gigabyte and MSI have reduced their main board products to about 1,000 yuan. For the second generation of Shenzhou Youth, Acer and BenQ have launched P4 complete machines within 9,000 yuan. The Wanwan Department’s momentum is unparalleled.
What goes around comes around. In response, United Semiconductor issued a notice to China Technology, announcing that United Semiconductor would supply 9 motherboard application chips at reduced prices.
At the same time, Shanshi a