le to feel the breath of the gods, this city-state still retains many things used to worship the Creator. Every time Black-faced Grass During the harvest, they would be invited out and added to the ceremony. By comparing it with these items, Colin Iliad could almost determine the origin of the cross in his hand.

Derrick wanted to respond to this, but the heavy meaning of the chief’s words suddenly pressed on his heart, making him unable to speak.
Colin Iliad didn’t add anything, he just held the “Darkless Cross” and stood silently.
After dozens of seconds, the chief of Silver City broke the silence and said in a slightly hoarse voice:
“The return of the Lord’s goods is a sign, a sign of the dawn that is to come for us.
/“This ‘No Darkness Cross’ will be kept with me for a long time. I will call all the elders currently in the city for a meeting and show this item to them.
“Haha, even I cannot dispose of a holy-level sealed object at will. Since I have lost the ‘Life Cane’, I must explain it to other elders and ask for punishment. You have to remember that as a chief , you must have the decisiveness to make temporary decisions, but also the courage to shoulder the corresponding responsibilities. You cannot try to escape punishment just because you think it is good for Silver City. Maybe you are right this time, but you cannot guarantee that every time Right every time.
“Don’t worry, this ‘No Dark Cross’ will eventually come back to you.”
What the Chief said is so profound… Please ask Mr. “The Hanged Man” to explain it at the next Tarot gathering… Derrick wanted to raise his right hand and scratch the back of his head, but in the end he endured it and put the “Shadowless Cross” Colin Iliad was informed of the negative effects.
Backlund, No. 160, Beklund Street, North District.
Klein sacrificed the “Winner” Enyuni above the gray mist to make “Secret Puppet Preservation” so that it can be used again later – he planned to let “Fallen Count” Qonas Korg wear the “Flower of Blood” “Ring, in charge of the “Cane of Life”, creates a sense of horror and weirdness in daily life from time to time, and helps to speed up the digestion of potions. In this way, Enuni cannot use the “Flower of Blood” ring to hide in Qunas It must be hidden in the stomach. This will be more troublesome. It is better to throw it above the gray mist first. Anyway, ordinary secret puppets can be made by Klein at any time.
Why does this behavior of putting marionettes into the “fresher cabinet” feel weird… I’m not acting in a horror movie… However, this does fit the name “Cunning Mage”, well, Zaratul and An The angels of the Tigonus family hang up their marionettes to “air-dry” them. I’m much better than them! After rubbing his chin, Klein stuffed the ordinary log-colored cane into a special cane he bought through Miss Judgment.
——This cane is hollow and can hold a long sword that is not too wide. Klein can use it to hide the “cane of life”.
After finishing these things, he asked the valet who appeared to be Enyuni but was actually Q