of the secret puppet Enuni’s eyes. It floated in the air and illuminated the entire room.

That’s right… If you pray in Hermetic, you must arrange rituals and draw symbols… As for essential oils and herbs, it doesn’t matter if you have them or not. Am I someone who will be pleased by such things? The symbol consists of a scroll representing history, a complete eye representing witness, and a curve symbolizing change… Klein has no plans to spread this name for the time being. After all, it will reveal that Gehrman Sparrow has become a Sequence 3, causing him to lose a He has a trump card, and he also has two vests: “Poseidon” and “Fool”. The new honorary name is not important.
Klein snapped his fingers and lit the paper on the table with Gehrman Sparrow’s name written on it.
He immediately half-closed his eyes, and with the help of his divinity, he allowed part of his spirit body to enter the gray mist and travel through history.
/Following the previously established positions, Klein instantly came to a spot of light.
In that spot of light was a spacious, bright room with two rows of floor-to-ceiling windows. In the room, a man wearing a dark red coat embroidered with gold thread was standing by the window, looking at where the sun was setting.
He looks to be in his thirties, with long curly chestnut hair, blue eyes, a high nose bridge, thin lips, and two neatly groomed mustaches. He is quite good-looking.
Russell Gustav.
In the North District, on a street, a young man with a thin face, a broad forehead, and a monocle was sitting in a roadside cafe, holding a pen and thinking seriously.
He raised his other hand and pinched his monocle, and finally wrote a sentence:
“Beloved ones of the spirit world and Origin Castle…”
Then, the pen stopped motionless again, as if it hadn’t figured out how to write next.
In the two-bedroom rental house in the East District, Klein took out his gold pocket watch, opened it and took a look.
He has made an appointment with Miss Sharon and Maric to meet in an uninhabited house tonight.
After thinking about it, Klein raised his right hand and scratched it in front of him.
An ancient brass-colored key instantly appeared in his palm.
This is the “master key” that once helped him defeat “Ghost” Steve, prevent the arrival of the “True Creator”, and allow people to hear Mr. “Gate”‘s whispers on a full moon night.
Now, Klein has summoned it back from the pore of history, and it can last for ten minutes.
“Haha, for ‘ancient scholars’, as long as they have used items, whether they are finally sold, returned, destroyed, or lost for various reasons, they are not really lost. They are just accompanied by another form. By the ‘ancient scholar”s side…” Looking at the “Master Key” in his hand, Klein sighed a few words in his heart with some satisfaction.
With this item, if Klein can master the corresponding ritual, he can also directly talk to Mr. “Gate”.
Putting away the “Master Key”, he put on his double-breasted woolen coat, put on his silk top hat, picked up his