nowingly became extremely serious, and different types of gems lit up at the same time on the “Star Staff” in his hand.

He wanted to try to “steal” the opponent’s corresponding extraordinary abilities. Only in this way could he have a chance to restrain the black shadow.
In order to increase the success rate of “stealing” the target’s ability, Klein turned his left palm and tapped the edge of the mottled long table.
However, his “stealing” still failed, and he didn’t even get anything.
Because his target has long since escaped lock-in.
The black shadow is obviously still in place, but it has escaped the lock!
Klein’s eyes suddenly solidified, and then he saw the black shadow flash, enter the hidden space, and close the distance with Bernadette.
/This… it distorted my true vision, causing the situation I saw to be the same as it was one second or even two seconds ago… With a flash of thought, Klein made a preliminary judgment on the failure just now, and decided to summon Will The historical pore image of Auceptin allows him to “restart” what happened in this area.
At this moment, Bernadette, who was unable to use the sealed object, let pieces of pure white, illusory swan feathers grow on her back.
This is the “ugly duckling” in fairy tale magic. It allows Bernadette to reveal the incomplete ecology of mythical creatures while staying awake, twice a day, for fifteen seconds each time.
At this moment, her thoughts became restless again, boiling over and accelerating into chaos.
This caused her “ugly duckling” magic to be interrupted before it had time to take effect.
Almost at the same time, she saw the black shadow sticking to her body, soaking inside like a thick, highly corrosive liquid.
Bernadette’s eyes darkened, and she suddenly felt something. She seized the last moment of clear thinking, opened her mouth slightly, and read out a Chinese word with a smooth accent:
The erosion of the black shadow stopped for a moment, and its upper body slowly lifted up, looking at Bernadette.
The black figure froze there, loosening his grip on Bernadette’s neck, and seemed to be staring at the “Queen of Mysteries” with eyes that didn’t exist at all.
A dry, hoarse voice immediately echoed in the hidden space:
This voice was a little hesitant, a little confused, and a little seeking confirmation, as if it came from another world.
The erosion that Bernadette encountered disappeared, and the connection between her and her sealed object was instantly restored.
The “pale death” began to make her die little by little again, which helped her resist the gradual confusion of her thoughts and maintain her basic sobriety and rationality.
Just when she opened her mouth to say something more, the black figure suddenly stretched out her palm forward.
/But this time, it didn’t pinch Bernadette’s neck, but pushed hard.
Accompanying this push was the disintegration of the hidden space, and a voice with obvious pain, as if resisting something:
As the voice echoed, the black figure disappea