s mentioned the starry sky again, saying that the situation there is more complicated, more interesting, and more dangerous than I imagined. He said that even the angels of Sequence 2 and Sequence 1 actually do not have enough knowledge of the starry sky. He has a general understanding, but he doesn’t know that besides dangers, there are many, many other things there. If he hadn’t once known an existence who was good at roaming the stars and knew a lot of things from him, he wouldn’t be able to say what he is saying now. Discourse.

“I was curious but without much expectation asked who the being who was good at roaming the starry sky was.
“Mr. Hermes didn’t hide it, he said it was Mr. Bethel Abraham, the ‘Gate’.
“Mr. Door… I pretended not to know anything and asked about this person’s identity in a very casual tone.
“That’s right…Mr. Men’s status is really not low.”
Will pollution originating from the ground naturally subside over time? “Magic Mirror” Arrodes said that the gray mist made it feel very much like things underground… It hoped that I would explore the underground after returning to the throne, but Luca Brewster affirmed that the higher the sequence, the more things underground. The greater the danger… Klein tapped his fingers on the edge of the mottled long table, becoming increasingly confused about what was going on underground.
Fortunately, Hermes’s description, the state of the abandoned castle, and the attitude of the “Night Goddess” all seemed to indicate that the pollution from the underground would indeed subside naturally, and leaving it alone was the best way to deal with it.
Huh, let’s put aside our worries about the underground for the time being… Hermes’ words and the bronze gate deep in the “City of Miracles” Livihid have confirmed each other. “Dragon of Fantasy” Angelweed has really tried it. Solving the problem underground has left only fear and shadow… At present, it seems that the doomsday is most likely to come from the stars, and my current sequence is not even qualified to understand… As thoughts swirled, Klein continued with a little sigh. Flip through the diary in your hand.
After reading a few pages in a row, his eyes suddenly lit up and he locked on one of them:
“December 31st is the end of the year. This is the most suitable day to make decisions and start a new story.
“I have already figured out where to build the eight secret tombs, but I still have no clue about the last one.
“This must be more concealed than the previous eight, otherwise it will lose its meaning.
/“After thinking for a long time, I thought of a place, and that was the unknown island where Green was buried.
“Of course, the abyss is also an option, but in the area I can enter currently, I can’t find a single living demon, so I can’t tame them, make them my people, and help me build a tomb, but ordinary humans can’t at all. The law cannot survive there, and even powerful Beyonders can hardly resist the erosion contained in the abyss itself.
“No matter what, the living environ