n of danger, and she had the illusion that a sea of ??pollution was about to drown her.

No, this is not an illusion! She believed that if things were allowed to develop like this, she would be infected with serious mental illness, and even go crazy on the spot and lose control!
Audrey was just about to try her best to “pacify” herself and weaken the pollution ahead, when the firefly-like light spots floating on the island quickly gathered, illuminating the gray fog and diluting the deep blackness around the strange light door, making the long The tentacles full of mysterious and weird patterns retracted.
This is the reason why Klein should receive “psychological treatment” only after his mental stability has initially stabilized and he can barely suppress “Tianzun’s” will to revive.
This made Audrey feel that the danger was weakening, and she quickly performed a psychoanalysis on herself, and then immediately “soothes” the pollution and performs “hypnosis” in the true sense.
Over and over again, Audrey spent an unknown amount of time, and finally achieved the initial, expected results.
She then exited Gehrman Sparrow’s spiritual island and returned to her own body.
——The treatment this time was very difficult, so she did not use the “virtual personality” and went directly to her own mental body.
/Sensing the end of the treatment, Klein raised his hand and wiped his face, allowing the memory of “The Fool” that had been “grafted” on the gray mist to return to its original form.
After a few seconds, Audrey took off the light white silk scarf wrapped around her eyes and nose, and released her self-hypnosis.
She looked at Mr. World opposite and said half to herself and half to sigh:
“Is this the spiritual problem that comes with divinity?”
It’s really scary…
Klein nodded gently and said:
“Yes, every angel has it. The only difference is whether it is more serious or very serious.”
“There will also be saints, and there will also be mid- to low-sequence extraordinary beings who are less than demigods.” Audrey added to herself based on Gehrman Sparrow’s previous explanation.
/“For mid- and low-sequence Beyonders, the mental imprint of past owners that remains within characteristics is a relatively greater danger.” Klein picked up the cup inlaid with gold thread and took a sip. “This is the cruelty of the mysterious world. Laws, because our extraordinary abilities come from external things, from extraordinary characteristics.”
Audrey nodded first, then shook her head slightly, and said while thinking:
“I think maybe it’s not that pessimistic, like the source of life for every human being comes from something external: air, bread, meat, water, etc., etc.
“When we absorb them, we will also absorb the bad things that come with them, so we will accumulate various problems and get sick, but this does not mean that we must completely fight against them and regard them as foreign things in an absolute sense. , once absorbed, there will always be part of it that belongs to us.
“I didn’t express myself very w