d short red lines on his face, followed up and said:

“Lord Daniz, according to feedback from our intelligence personnel, the current situation in Bayam is very chaotic. Both the Church of Storms and the people in the Governor’s Mansion are anxious because Feysac’s army has besieged Backlund.”
Having said this, Edmonton looked at Karat and asked the person in charge of the corresponding field who knew the situation better to give a more specific description.
/Karat looked at Master Daniz with a solemn expression, considered his words and said:
“There have been differences within them. Some people want to mobilize the power of the colony to return to Backlund, while others want to stick to this place as a spark of revival.
“Such differences have caused a certain confusion among the military and the Extraordinaries of the Church of Storms, and loopholes have appeared in all aspects.
“Lord Daniz, this is our opportunity. We can completely agree to the conditions of Fusac and Feneport Navy, cooperate with them to attack Bayam, and take back the country that belongs to us!”
Opportunity indeed…but is this something I can decide? I’m not stupid! Daniz quietly listened to the statements of the resistance leaders and muttered a few words in his heart.
As an Intis, a famous pirate and treasure hunter, he really had no mental burden on attacking the Loen colony, and had no hesitation or hesitation.
Of course, he does not have a strong sense of belonging to the Republic of Intis. Even when he occasionally works as a pirate part-time, he prefers to target Intis merchants because they carry more valuable luxuries with them.
There was only one reason why Danitz did not agree to the request of the rebel leaders on the spot, and that was that he had become a “conspirator” and knew very well what his position was:
A humanoid delivering the microphone!
A tool responsible for communicating between Gehrman Sparrow and the leader of the resistance!
Gehrman is most likely from Loen. If I dare to promise you directly, I might not see the sun tomorrow… However, he doesn’t show he doesn’t care about Loen at all…shit! Don’t be fooled by superficial phenomena! Daniz cleared his throat, looked around and said:
“This matter is of great importance. Prepare a clean and peaceful altar for me immediately. I want to pray to God.”
In an organization that generally believes in the “Poseidon”, such a request did not surprise Kalat, Edmonton and others at all. It was even in line with their expectations, so they immediately arranged manpower to prepare sacrifices.
“The resistance forces in the Rhoside Islands couldn’t sit still… They themselves were supported by Feysac, Intis, Fenebout and other countries, so they could persevere and not be wiped out by Loen and the three major churches… I They also allowed them to extract a lot of subsidies from various countries…” After listening to Daniz’s prayer, Klein sighed.
/Sitting in the ancient palace, he tapped his fingers on the edge of the mottled long table in front of him, though