ols, and hung with gorgeous accessories.

His eyes were still cold, not as hazy and dull as most extraordinary people’s dreams.
/“Audience” also belongs to the path related to “Sea of ??Chaos”, and its sequence 5 is called “Dream Walker”, and sequence 3 is called “Dream Weaver”!
/An instant later, Saslier’s eyes turned golden and stood up.
His tall, giant figure then faded, and an unusually thick “curtain” of shadow appeared in front of him.
This shadow completely blocked Saslier, and only a pair of eyes could be vaguely seen hidden behind the “curtain”.
In an instant, the “curtain” parted to both sides, revealing an ocean of indescribable color that seemed to contain all the secrets.
Klein, who was leading the dream, just saw this scene. Before he could examine the details, the thoughts in his mind exploded like boiling oatmeal.
The corners of his mouth turned up instinctively, and most of his virtual personality collapsed, and he almost screamed. The transparent worms that were vaguely visible under the skin of his left face twisted out one by one, and the granulations on his right face became more and more obvious. It is getting lighter and lighter, getting closer and closer to the “worm of the spirit”.
The forcibly created dream immediately collapsed, and the consciousness of “Dark Angel” Saslier returned to reality.
However, at the second when this special evil spirit fell into a deep sleep, as the sea of ??thunder faded and disappeared, the three demigods of Silver City counterattacked at the same time.
Colin Iliad straightened up and slashed forward with the straight morning sword in his right hand, letting the sharp silvery light “flash” to Saslier’s body surface; Lovia fought against her own shadow “cloak” Restricted by the restrictions, he let the “Silver Knight” evil spirit he was grazing swing his giant sword from bottom to top, bringing up a terrifying storm composed of patches of light; Derrick condensed a blazing white “Shadowless” sword. Gun” and let it fly towards the “Dark Angel” with a crackle.
At this moment, Saslier’s figure burst out with endless pure brilliance, and seemed to suddenly turn into the sun descending into reality.
Under the shining of the “sun”, the “Darknessless Spear” melted, the “Storm of Light” subsided, and the sharp silver light dimmed. It could only crush the target’s breath, but could not harm his body.
This scene like the arrival of a true god shocked Lovia and Derrick, making them want to lower their heads and worship. However, the “Silver Knight” evil spirit quickly melted in such blazing sunlight and completely evaporated.
Suddenly, Saslier’s eyes closed again.
Behind him, Klein stubbornly withstood the “scorching sun” as the “spirit worms” on his body continued to evaporate and disappear, and pointed the “Star Staff” at the evil spirit derived from the King of Angels.
What he reappeared was the extraordinary ability just now, and he once again forcibly pulled “Dark Angel” Saslier into the dream!
But what was different from before was that as soon