l house in a residential area, an energy-saving lamp that was not bright enough illuminated the window.

Looking around, Klein sighed and let it all disappear before his eyes.
“Sure enough, I can initially use the power of the ‘Origin Castle’… Relying on this, if I am above the gray mist, I am close to the level of the King of Angels, and the authority displayed is not only a ‘miracle’, but also Part ‘Planeswalker’ and part ‘Trojan of Destiny’…
“If I return to the real world, in addition to further utilizing the aura of the ‘Origin Castle’, I can also directly claim part of the power… This should allow me to build a prototype of the Kingdom of God and reach the Sequence 1 level in it… Unfortunately, in reality, We haven’t been able to use the high-level extraordinary abilities of ‘thief’ and ‘apprentice’ yet…” Klein evaluated while casting his gaze at the transparent “cocoons” hanging on the light door.
In the end, he did not release the people inside, because this would inevitably be used by Amon.
After confirming all aspects of the situation, Klein returned to the ancient palace and sat on the high-backed chair of The Fool.
He remembered that some of his memories were sealed, so he summoned the piece of paper from the pile of debris.
After unfolding it, Klein’s eyes narrowed slightly, his lips moved, and he whispered to himself:
“The old days, the outer gods, the starry sky, the Creator, above the sequence…it turns out to be like this…”
At this moment, he fully understood the meaning of the previous war between gods, the possible source of the apocalypse, the seven gods’ tacit approval of the birth of the “Black Emperor”, and their indifference to the return of the evil spirit of the “Red Angel” to reality.
Judging from the information provided by Leonard and Miss “Justice”, Roen won the final victory, and the “God of War” is likely to have fallen… In other words, the goddess succeeded, but we don’t know who is above the distance sequence. What conditions were left for the old days… I will summon Arrods later to inquire about the specific situation in all aspects and grasp the current situation… Thinking of this, Klein recalled all the details of the past and connected many things together. Together:
/“It feels, it feels scarier than Amon…
“If this is the case, the goddess and the ancient sun god should have had a cooperative relationship very early, until the new creation awakened the original within the body… This can also explain why the ‘Dark Angel’ Sasriel first considered it when looking for helpers. Presence is the goddess, and of course ‘secret’ is an equally important factor…
“Ever since I obtained the ‘uniqueness’ of the ‘Death’ path, the goddess has been making plans. On the one hand, she asked me to take over the power of the Artificial Death Sect of the Spiritual Religion in Backlund, pretending that everything was normal, but on the other hand, she Not doing much to deal with people and things that may be found to be wrong, leading to the leakage of information. In