his kind of public carriage can carry nearly fifty people in total on the upper and lower floors. It is not crowded at this time, allowing Xio to look at the scenery outside the window very smoothly.

But she wasn’t admiring the scenery. She quickly sketched the specific appearance of the target in her mind:
He has brown hair, bright red eyes, deep contours, and a nose bridge that is so high that it is somewhat deformed. He is holding an oil painting album in his hand.
With the help of the “sheriff’s” extraordinary sense in this regard and the fact that the distance between the two parties did not widen, Xio vaguely grasped the target’s current location and intended direction.
Therefore, she was very calm. She even took off her cap and straightened her slightly rough and stubborn blond hair while looking at the car window.
After passing an unknown number of stops, Xio suddenly stood up and walked off after the public carriage stopped again.
This is the Backlund Bridge area. The target she sensed has changed direction and is preparing to go to the bridge.
Xio walked quickly, intending to enter another street from the front corner and board a public carriage bound for the south bank of the Tasok River.
She was lucky. As soon as she arrived at the platform, the public carriage drove over.
/Xio breathed a sigh of relief silently, took out the other few pennies he had prepared, and wanted to buy a bicycle more and more.
This tram was very crowded, but Xio relied on the authority of the “arbiter” to pass through the crowd relatively easily, went up to the second floor, and found a seat.
The carriage drove slowly, Xio looked out the window casually, her eyes suddenly solidified.
She saw Sherman, whom she had never been able to find before!
The young man, who thought he was a woman, was holding a paper bag containing several loaves of bread and a stack of newspapers as he entered a narrow alley.
/His shoulder-length brown hair has grown a lot longer, and his gray striped pants are a bit tight.
Although his figure disappeared in a flash, normal people could not be sure, but as a “sheriff”, Xio could easily make a positive judgment.
Sherman gave up his rented room on the East Side and moved here? Seeing that the other party was fine and that he was tracking the target, Xiu suppressed the urge to jump out of the carriage, catch up with the other party, and ask about the recent situation.
Holding a paper bag filled with several loaves of bread and a stack of newspapers, Sherman walked through alleys and streets and made a long circuit before entering an apartment, followed the narrow stairs to the third floor, and dug out Take out the key and open the door to your residence.
He seems to already have decent anti-stalking skills.
With a creak, the door opened, and Sherman’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he saw a girl wearing a long black dress.
This girl has a sweet and gentle face and an indescribably graceful figure. Even if she stands at the window, blocking the sunlight and making her location look dark, she seems