with a happy heart: ” Tribe!”

with a happy heart: ” Tribe!”
Zhao Song nodded firmly, “Tribe!”
He waited for the beautiful female anchors and presidents in the future to shout out the passionate slogan: “For the tribe~~~~~~~”
“For the open panties!!!!!!~~~~~~”
May the Holy Light be with you!
The flood of applause from the Museum of Architecture and Heritage in Paris floated in the sky of Aquamarine for seven hours before landing at the flower grower.
“Yan Jian’an in Paris is stunning with oriental elements!”
/“French media: Yan Jian’an’s Haitian Xiangyun combines modern Western draping with classical oriental design elements, perfectly explaining the characteristics of combining Chinese and Western elements.”
“That is “flower planting” “Customized” comes to Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week for the first time!”
“Yan Jian’an has thus become the only “flower customization” designer to enter the official schedule of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week to show.”
“Haitian Xiangyun maintains the characteristics of flower planting and goes beyond A very good balance between the two regions, attracting the attention of top fashion people in the world. ”
The magical crossover king! Tesla is surprising the West with their products and conquering them with their uniforms .” Western fashion industry! ”
At this time, the gradual decline of paper media began, and the increasingly developed Internet allowed what happened in any corner of the world to be displayed in front of you in the shortest possible time.
On major portal websites, fashion news about Paris haute couture is bursting out overwhelmingly.
Counting the blessings of model champions Ma Yan and Hu Bing! It’s not a big fire, it’s a small fire for sure!
These days, any flower grower who has achieved remarkable achievements around the world will receive comprehensive reports.
In September, the hot Olympic Games, the hot flower planting team, the amazing flower planting athletes, and a Tesla that lingers like psoriasis!

Tongfang Building Conference Room.
Director Mediterranean sat quietly on the main seat and listened quietly to the reports of his subordinates.
“From the beginning of the school season to now, what is certain is that all our advertising campaigns have been completely in vain.”
“On the low end, the new Hengsheng special price machine and TGL’s new youth series have completely occupied our low-end market. !”
“Tesla’s Frozen model shines brightly on mainstream models, and some consumers would rather wait with Tesla’s order contract than choose any off-the-shelf competing products from other brands!”
“According to a business survey agency ! The data shows that since September, the market share of many of our brands such as Tongfang, Shida and Muze has been showing a downward trend.”
“As the news spreads that Tesla won the IF Award and Haitian Xiangyun set foot in Paris Haute Couture, it is foreseeable that Tesla’s lawsuit will have an increasing impact on our brand image!”
Mediterranean waved to stop his subord